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The GMAT is a difficult test. Although the test is based on high school level math and English, many students have not used some of these concepts in years. Furthermore, GMAT questions often incorporate these concepts in a subtle manner, essentially testing your critical thinking skills rather than your knowledge of certain formulas.

The GMAT can be a challenge for even the most advanced students. With the computer-adaptive test (CAT) format, question difficulty varies based on prior performance. Those performing well will need to consistently solve very tough questions under the same time limits.

Why Tutoring?

Top performers in the business world have coaches. Top performers in athletics have coaches. Those who aspire to top performance on the GMAT need a coach as well. The GMAT is a challenging endurance test, like a marathon, that requires lots of preparation. According to the GMAC, students who scored in the 600s spent an average of 92 hours and students in the 700s spent an average of 102 hours preparing for the GMAT.

You want to make the most productive use of your study time. It is not productive to review the tested math and verbal concepts in a haphazard manner. It is not productive to approach problems in a long, roundabout manner when more efficient approaches are available. It is not productive to waste lots of time on a given practice question, especially since you have an average of two minutes per question on the GMAT. It is not productive to make the same mistakes over and over. It is not productive to develop bad study habits. In order to minimize unproductive uses of your time, let us help.

About Your Tutor

Southern California tutoring is conducted with our Chief Genius, Vinay Narang, a Stanford MBA who is one of the most skilled and experienced GMAT instructors in the world. He has scored in the 99th percentile each time he has taken the GMAT. His most recent score is 770, with a perfect 8 on Integrated Reasoning and a perfect 6 on the AWA essay. Vinay has helped over 1,000 students prepare for the GMAT. Vinay’s former GMAT students have achieved GMAT scores as high as 770, and have matriculated into top business schools including Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, USC, and Wharton.

Phoenix / Scottsdale tutoring is conducted with Nate Freiman, a master of the GMAT. Nate most recently scored 780 (Quant 50, Verbal 47) on the exam, with a perfect 8 on Integrated Reasoning and a perfect 6 on the AWA essay section. Nate is a professional baseball player who previously played first baseman in the Major Leagues with the Oakland Athletics. Nate graduated Magna Cum Laude from Duke with a major in U.S. History and a minor in Math. Nate has a long history of mastering standardized tests. He scored 1540 on the SAT, with scores of 790 and 800 on the SAT Math subject tests.

Online tutoring clients may work with either Vinay or Nate.

Your GMAT Genius tutor will help you develop a focused study plan based on your goals, skill levels, study preferences, and timeframe. Furthermore, your tutor can quickly address your GMAT questions, ensure that you are approaching problems efficiently, fill in knowledge gaps, and keep your studying on track. Please see our How Tutoring Works page for more information.

Pricing & Locations

Headquartered in Irvine, California, GMAT Genius offers our highest-quality GMAT tutoring to GMAT aspirants throughout Southern California, Phoenix, and the world. We offer online tutoring to students worldwide using a state-of-the-art online learning platform. We offer in-person GMAT tutoring throughout Southern California, including all of Orange County and much of Los Angeles County (but primarily within Irvine, Newport Beach, and Tustin), and the greater Phoenix / Scottsdale area. Please see our Pricing and Availability page for more details.

The table below summarizes our tutoring prices. The same price applies for online and in-person tutoring. As shown on the tutoring comparison chart, GMAT Genius offers tutoring prices below those of the big test preparation companies. Extra hours can be added to your tutoring package at any time, at the same per-hour rate that you paid for the package. Please contact us to sign-up for tutoring.

The hours in each package represents actual tutoring time. The time that we spend behind the scenes on administration, coordination, and preparation does not count towards your paid tutoring time. Not sure how much tutoring you need? See our recommendations in this FAQ.

Private Tutoring Hourly 10 Hour
20 Hour
30 Hour
40 Hour
Cost $209 per hour 10 hrs @ $199
= $1,990
20 hrs @ $189
= $3,780
30 hrs @ $179
= $5,370
40 hrs @ $169
= $6,760
Per Extra Hour $209 $199 $189 $179 $169

Ultimate Tutoring Flexibility

GMAT Genius gives you the ultimate flexibility to choose exactly how much tutoring you need and to change your tutoring commitments as your needs evolve. Unlike other test prep companies, we don’t burden you with rigid packages, minimum commitments, and onerous refund policies.

We recognize that it’s hard to anticipate exactly how much tutoring you will ultimately need. GMAT Genius lets you choose as little as one hour of tutoring or select a tutoring package to benefit from a lower cost-per-hour. Upgrade your tutoring package at any time to receive the lower hourly rate on a retroactive basis. Downgrade your tutoring package at any time and receive a full refund for unused tutoring hours.

Free Phone Consultation

Free GMAT phone consultation
We offer a free, no-obligation phone consultation for students who are seriously considering our online or in-person GMAT tutoring services. GMAT Genius is unique in letting you speak with your tutor before deciding whether to sign-up for tutoring. Please e-mail us with your availability or use our contact us inquiry form to request a phone consultation.

In this approximately 30 minute phone conversation, you can describe your background and GMAT objectives to your tutor, obtain feedback from your tutor, get some personalized advice and recommendations to help in your GMAT preparations, and ask any questions that you may have. If you wish to proceed with the tutoring, you can also discuss study materials, coordinate meeting times and locations, and schedule your first tutoring session. Please review all the tutoring-related pages of our website before the consultation, as many of your questions will probably be answered.

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