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About GMAT Genius

As our name implies, GMAT Genius is 100% focused on only the GMAT. Unlike most companies in the GMAT preparation marketplace, we do not offer preparation services for any other test, nor do we offer admissions consulting services. All of our attention and resources are spent on our GMAT preparation services. Our objective at GMAT Genius is to help you achieve your highest potential on the GMAT, nothing more and nothing less.
Our Chief Genius, Vinay Narang, developed GMAT Genius with four inter-related guiding principles:
  1. to solve the many frustrations that his prior GMAT students had about the available GMAT preparation options
  2. to offer GMAT preparation services of the highest quality
  3. to provide transparency in the GMAT marketplace
  4. to introduce innovation into the GMAT preparation marketplace

Solve Frustrations

When working for two national test preparation companies before starting GMAT Genius, Vinay discovered several weaknesses in the approach taken by those and other GMAT preparation companies. In fact, Vinay often heard the same complaints from many former students, frustrations that he was then powerless to solve. One major reason for Vinay to start GMAT Genius was to offer GMAT preparation services that will satisfy student needs, not result in frustrations or complaints. Our upcoming GMAT services will take a different approach than existing companies.

Highest Quality

Some of Vinay’s former students came to him only after receiving a low GMAT score because they used inferior GMAT products. As we surveyed the landscape of available GMAT products and services, we realized that many fail to meet our quality expectations. It bothers us when we come across low-quality GMAT materials and services, because we know that some students trust those products for their GMAT preparations and suffer as a result. We know that you are placing your GMAT aspirations in our hands, and this is a responsibility that we do not take lightly. Unlike many other companies, we firmly believe in only offering GMAT services of the highest quality. As part of this principle, we also strive to offer outstanding customer service.


You deserve to know the full details about GMAT products and services before you invest your valuable time and money in them. In surveying competitive GMAT-related websites, we find that many obscure the details of their products and services. Worse, a few even make misleading claims. Not only do we intend to provide full and complete details about our services, but we also plan to share comparative fact-based details about third-party GMAT services. Our comprehensive Tutoring Comparisons page is an example of this. Only with full disclosure of the details behind GMAT products and services can you make an informed decision that will be right for you.

Innovative Services

We are not interested in offering “me-too” GMAT products and services. Besides offering GMAT services of the highest quality, we want to introduce innovation into the GMAT preparation marketplace. We are working hard on additional innovative GMAT services which we will introduce only when they are ready at the high-quality level that we expect and you deserve.