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Welcome to GMAT Genius

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Overwhelmed GMAT student
The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a challenging exam. GMAT Genius is here to help.

Our mission at GMAT Genius is crystal-clear:
to help you achieve GMAT success!

Our sole purpose is to help you reach your highest potential on the GMAT. To do well on the GMAT, you need a firm grasp of certain math, grammar, and logic concepts, and you need to know how to strategically and efficiently apply those concepts to GMAT problems. The “genius” of GMAT Genius test preparation is making these concepts simple and understandable for students at all levels (from GMAT beginners to the most advanced GMAT students) and teaching students how to comfortably apply the concepts to actual problems.

Free In-Depth GMAT Preparation Advice

Free in-depth GMAT advice
Our free Preparation Advice section offers well-organized pages that are packed with extensive information about the GMAT. You will learn all about the GMAT and its question types, GMAT scoring, how to sign up and take the test, available preparation options and the pros and cons of each method, and effective preparation and study habits. This detailed content is meant to serve you and to demonstrate the depth and quality of our content, our approach, and our commitment to you.

Private GMAT Tutoring

Online GMAT tutoring
We offer private GMAT tutoring with our highly-skilled GMAT tutors online worldwide and in-person in select U.S. metropolitan areas, including Boston, Houston, New York City, Orange County (California), Philadelphia, Phoenix, and San Francisco.

GMAT Genius tutors have all scored 760+ on the GMAT and have been personally trained for teaching excellence by our Chief Genius, one of the most skilled and experienced GMAT instructors in the industry. We agree on a meeting schedule and location that is convenient for you. We personalize the tutoring to your specific needs to help you efficiently achieve GMAT success.

Free Phone Consultation

Free GMAT phone consultation
We offer a free phone consultation for students who are considering GMAT Genius tutoring. In this call, we can learn more about your background and objectives, and then offer suggestions tailored to your unique needs. You will get valuable advice on how to structure your GMAT preparation efforts. Set up your free consultation today!

Let's Get Started

We’d love for you to spread the word about GMAT Genius. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions. We look forward to helping you achieve GMAT success.