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GMAT Preparation Advice

Preparation advice to help you achieve GMAT success
In this well-organized Preparation Advice section of our website, you will find a wealth of information about the GMAT and advice on how to best prepare for the exam.

About the GMAT

Our about the GMAT page offers an overview of the GMAT structure and format, and then provides some crucial GMAT strategy tips. This is followed by our question types pages. We first offer an overview of all GMAT question types, and then delve in following pages into each question type, along with a sample problem and comprehensive explanation. Next we discuss the mechanics of taking the GMAT, from registering to test center regulations to score reporting. Don’t miss our detailed outline of what you should do during your two test breaks and the GMAC video tour of a test center.

Test Preparation

The second half of our Preparation Advice section focuses on test preparation. We first discuss how you should optimally proceed with and structure your test preparation efforts. We then present our list of the top 10 GMAT preparation mistakes that we have seen students make, along with lessons learned. Next we offer a detailed analysis of the different types of preparation options. We compare the pros and cons of the different options, rank the options from a cost-benefit perspective, and provide some suggestions on what to look for when evaluating offerings for a certain preparation method. Then we detail six critical effective study habits. Integrating these habits into your routine will make your preparation dramatically more productive. Next we present a list of the top U.S. business schools so that you can easily find some important statistics, including median GMAT score, for the schools you are considering. Finally, we discuss how to best select an MBA admissions consulting firm and present our recommendations.

How to Proceed

If you are new to the GMAT, we suggest that you proceed through all the pages in this section in the order presented. If you are already familiar with the GMAT, feel free to view pages in whichever order you find suitable. Although you may find a little repetition of content, particularly for some of the most important points, we have tried to minimize redundancy across pages.

We wish you the best of luck in your GMAT preparations, and would be happy to assist you further in your preparations with our GMAT tutoring.