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Tutoring Comparison Chart

Other than GMAT Genius, four well-known test preparation companies offer GMAT tutoring broadly: Kaplan, Manhattan Prep, Princeton Review, and Veritas Prep. GMAT Genius offers competitive pricing, especially given the value and flexibility that we provide. The only price competitive companies are Kaplan and Princeton Review for less-qualified tutors. Our prices include tutoring directly with our highly skilled and experienced GMAT tutors.
Furthermore, only GMAT Genius offers the flexibility you deserve:
  • GMAT Genius and Manhattan Prep are the only companies that offer hourly tutoring (only GMAT Genius has no minimum). The other companies require a package purchase with a minimum of as many as 10 hours.
  • Only GMAT Genius allows you to purchase a package and get a full refund for unused tutoring hours. With GMAT Genius, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with hours that you ultimately don’t need.
  • GMAT Genius allows you to have a phone consultation directly with your tutor before you pay for tutoring. The other companies allow you to only speak with a student services coordinator, not your actual tutor.
  • Only GMAT Genius offers a lower cost tutoring option for those who are budget-constrained or who don't need premium tutoring.
Tutoring Comparison GMAT
Kaplan Manhattan Prep Princeton Review Veritas
Tutors’ GMAT
score at 99%
Yes No Yes No Yes
All tutors receive
top pay
Yes No Yes No No
Hourly tutoring $209 No $255
(2 hrs min)
No No
Refund for
unused hours
Yes Partial
($75 per hr)
No No No
Consult with
your tutor
Yes No No No No
Lower cost
tutoring option
$70 to $90
per hour
No No No No
Packages offered:
10 hours 10 hours @ $199 = $1990 10 hours @ $250 = $2499 10 hours @ $245 = $2450 10 hours @ $180 = $1800 10 hours @ $265 = $2650
18 – 20 hours 20 hours @ $189 = $3780 20 hours @ $170 = $3399 20 hours @ $230 = $4600 18 hours @ $167 = $3000 20 hours @ $238 = $4750
30 hours 30 hours @ $179 = $5370 30 hours @ $140 = $4199 30 hours @ $225 = $6750 -- 30 hours @ $215 = $6450
40 hours 40 hours @ $169 = $6760 40 hours @ $125 = $4999 -- -- 40 hours @ $199 = $7950
Legend: Danger Caution Awesome!

Criteria Compared

One of the primary reasons to choose GMAT tutoring is to have a skilled tutor teach you the material and walk you through problems in a way that is tailored to your learning style. So clearly you should expect a top-quality GMAT tutor. But since this a subjective, difficult-to-measure criterion, you can focus on two objective statistics: minimum GMAT score and tutor pay rates. Additionally, you should be able to verify that your tutor is a good fit for you personally. Finally, you should ensure that you have the flexibility to get however much tutoring you actually need.

Tutors at 99th Percentile Score

Your tutor should be able to clearly explain any GMAT concept or problem to you, using different approaches as necessary to ensure that you fully understand everything. This is why many test preparation companies (with the notable exceptions of Kaplan and Princeton Review) insist that all GMAT tutors achieve a 99% (760+) GMAT score. Tutors who meet this standard should be able to understand even the most difficult GMAT concepts and problems. Of course a high GMAT score does not by itself guarantee great instruction. A tutor must also possess excellent teaching skills. GMAT Genius tutors have all achieved a 760+ score, are highly-skilled, and can effectively explain all the relevant concepts to students at all levels, from GMAT neophytes to the most advanced students.

Tutors Receive Top Pay

Tutors who achieve a 99 percentile score will naturally be in high demand. The best tutors will inevitably choose to work for companies that compensate them well. GMAT Genius tutors make $100 per hour to compensate them for their GMAT teaching expertise. Among the big test preparation companies, only two are known for paying their instructors the top industry pay of $100 per hour. Other companies typically pay between $25 and $50 per hour, significantly lower and therefore less attractive for the most qualified tutors. These companies are boosting their profits with your tutoring fees by providing you with lower-paid tutors.

Offers Hourly Tutoring

A GMAT company should offer tutoring that meets your needs, not try to sell you a tutoring package if that’s not what you need. You may not need a full package, perhaps because you just need help with a few specific concepts. Perhaps you want try out tutoring first to make sure that it is right for you before committing, so ideally there should be no minimum purchase requirement. Or perhaps you purchase a package but don’t need so many hours after all and want to downgrade to hourly tutoring. GMAT Genius gives you the flexibility that you deserve to choose how much tutoring you need and to change your tutoring commitments as your needs evolve.

Refund for Unused Hours

Related to the above criterion, we believe that a test preparation company should offer refunds for unused tutoring hours. It is hard to anticipate in advance exactly how many hours of tutoring you will need. Furthermore, you may start tutoring but discover that the tutoring or your tutor is not effective for you. The big test preparation companies think it’s okay for you to sign up for a package and get stuck with hours that you don’t ultimately need. On the other hand, we think that it’s not fair for a company to keep your money for a service that it has not delivered. So be sure to read a company’s refund policy before you sign up for tutoring. You can click over to our refund policy here.

Consult with Your Tutor

Wouldn’t you want to speak with your potential tutor before you sign up for tutoring? Since tutoring is a big financial and time commitment, you should make sure that your tutor is a good fit for you. Although your tutor may be well-qualified, if his/her personality or teaching style doesn’t jibe with your learning style and needs, the tutoring may not be very effective. Speaking with a company’s student services coordinator is no substitute for talking with your actual tutor. GMAT Genius gives you the opportunity for a free phone consultation directly with your tutor. Sign up here.

Lower Cost Tutoring Option

We understand that you may have a limited budget for GMAT tutoring. Furthermore, you may not need a high GMAT score for the programs that you are interested in and therefore don't wish to pay for premium GMAT tutoring. GMAT Genius has partnered with an India-based tutor to offer lower cost tutoring rates. You can also have a free consultation with our India-based tutoring partner before deciding whether to sign up. Please note that, with this option, hours must be purchased in 10-hour blocks and refunds are not available. More details can be found on our Pricing and Availability page.


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