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Overwhelmed GMAT student
Preparing for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) can be overwhelming. There is so much material to learn, so much practice required, and so many resources to choose from. GMAT Genius is here to help.

Our mission at GMAT Genius is crystal-clear:
to help you achieve GMAT success!

GMAT Genius provides the highest-quality GMAT preparation services, along with lower prices and more customer-friendly policies than you’ll get from the major GMAT preparation companies. Founded by one of the world's leading GMAT experts, GMAT Genius has helped many hundreds of GMAT aspirants achieve GMAT success. You may come across other GMAT preparation companies in Scottsdale, Arizona, but you won’t easily find the quality and service that GMAT Genius delivers and that you deserve. We offer in-person GMAT tutoring throughout the greater Phoenix / Scottsdale area, including the cities of Chandler, Fountain Hills, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Peoria, and Tempe.

GMAT Tutoring for Scottsdale GMAT Aspirants

GMAT tutoring for Scottsdale GMAT aspirants
According to GMAC data, students who scored in the 600s on the GMAT spent an average of 92 hours and students in the 700s spent an average of 102 hours preparing for the GMAT. You want to make the most productive use of your study time. Do not proceed haphazardly, missing efficient approaches, making the same mistakes repeatedly, and developing bad study habits. Given the challenges in preparing for the GMAT, you would be wise to seek out expert assistance.

Private GMAT tutoring is clearly the best way to prepare for the GMAT, because the teaching and content is customized to your specific needs. Your tutor will help you develop a focused study plan based on your goals, skill levels, study preferences, and timeframe. Furthermore, your tutor can quickly address your GMAT questions, ensure that you are approaching problems efficiently, fill in knowledge gaps, and keep your studying on track. Additionally, you benefit from the lower prices and greater flexibility that GMAT Genius offers, as shown on our tutoring comparison chart.

Meet Your Scottsdale GMAT Tutor

Nate Freiman, Scottsdale GMAT tutor
Scottsdale resident Nate Freiman is a master of the GMAT. Nate most recently scored 780 (Quant 50, Verbal 47) on the exam, with a perfect 8 on Integrated Reasoning and a perfect 6 on the AWA essay section.

Nate is a professional baseball player who played in the Major Leagues with the Oakland Athletics as first baseman during their 2013 and 2014 playoff seasons. Studying for the GMAT in the morning before heading to the stadium for a night game, Nate gradually gained an appreciation for the skills and techniques needed to succeed on the GMAT.

Nate graduated Magna Cum Laude from Duke with a major in U.S. History and a minor in Math. Nate is Duke's career home run leader as well as Duke's only recipient of the Atlantic Coast Conference Scholar-Athlete of the Year Award for baseball. An all-around sportsman, Nate also is a seven-time caddie at the LPGA Tour.

Nate has a long history of mastering standardized tests. He scored 1540 on the SAT, with scores of 790 and 800 on the SAT Math subject tests. Nate is an avid reader in mathematics, science, history, economics, philosophy, fiction, and sabermetrics.

Quotes The GMAT is not a pure math and grammar test. It just happens to use math, logic, and grammar to evaluate critical thinking abilities. We will approach every single practice problem looking to answer three questions: 1. What is the actual material being tested? 2. Is there a lesson about the test in general that I can learn? 3. Did I do this problem as efficiently and accurately as possible? Using this framework, we will explore not only the content of the test, but also the strategies and pattern recognition skills that will help you reach your full GMAT potential! Quotes -- Nate Freiman

Free GMAT Prep Advice for Scottsdale GMAT Students

Free in-depth GMAT advice for Scottsdale GMAT students
GMAT Genius offers the most extensive free GMAT preparation advice available anywhere. We want GMAT aspirants in Scottsdale to have the best information available as they prepare for the GMAT. You will find 17 well-organized pages that are packed with all the information you could ever want to know about the GMAT. We provide this to serve you and to demonstrate the depth and quality of our content, our approach, and our commitment to you.

You can read about the structure and format of the GMAT, learn some crucial GMAT strategy tips, and practice with a sample problem for each question type, accompanied by a comprehensive explanation. You will learn all about the mechanics of taking the GMAT, and can watch a video tour of a GMAT test center.

We also thoroughly review the available GMAT preparation methods, comparing the pros and cons of the different options. We discuss effective study habits, and provide recommendations on how to optimally proceed with and structure your GMAT preparation efforts. Don’t miss our list of the top 10 GMAT preparation mistakes that we have seen students make, along with lessons learned.

Free Phone Consultation

Free GMAT phone consultation for students in Scottsdale with Nate Freiman
We offer a free phone consultation directly with Nate Freiman for students in Scottsdale who are seriously considering our tutoring services. GMAT Genius is unique in letting you speak with your tutor before deciding whether to sign-up. In this call, you can describe your background and GMAT objectives, obtain feedback, get some personalized advice and recommendations to help in your GMAT preparations, and ask any questions that you may have. Set up your free consultation today!

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