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GMAT Registration

Registering for the GMAT

The GMAT is offered daily, Monday through Saturday, at over 470 test centers in over 110 countries. You can search for the closest test centers and view all available appointment dates and times for the next six months for a center. Unfortunately, in-person test appointments can be scarce, so schedule well in advance. The GMAT is also offered online 24/7, with much greater appointment availability.

You can register for the GMAT up to six months in advance. The fee for the GMAT in the U.S. is $275 for a test-center exam and $300 for an online exam. When registering, enter your name exactly as it appears on the identification that you will bring to the test center. We recommend that you schedule your appointment at least 16 days in advance of any deadline, to allow time to retake the GMAT if necessary.

Testing Accommodations

You can request testing accommodations from the GMAC if you have a disability, as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Such a disability can include learning and cognitive disabilities, physical and systemic handicaps and disabilities, ADHD, psychiatric disabilities, and sensory (vision and hearing) disabilities. Accommodations may include allowance of a medical device in the testing room, 50% or 100% additional testing time, and/or additional or extended breaks. Score reports do not indicate that the test was taken with accommodations.

You must be approved for any special accommodations before you schedule your exam. Accommodation requests take at least three to four weeks to process. You must provide documentation that demonstrates your disability, including a comprehensive assessment within the past three years on official letterhead. The outcome may be a request for additional documentation, which will take a further three to four weeks to process. The accommodation process is described and necessary forms are included in the GMAC Supplement for Test Takers with Disabilities.

Rescheduling / Cancelling Appointments

You can reschedule your GMAT appointment more than 14 days in advance for a $110 fee for test-center exams or $120 for online exams, or 14 or fewer days in advance for a $165 fee for test-center exams or $180 for online exams. You cannot reschedule a test-center exam to an online exam, or vice versa.

You may also cancel your test center appointment more than 14 days in advance for a $195 fee (i.e. you will receive an $80 refund), or 14 or fewer days in advance for a $220 fee (i.e. a $55 refund). Online exams may be cancelled more than 14 days in advance for a $210 fee (i.e. you will receive an $90 refund), or 14 or fewer days in advance for a $240 fee (i.e. a $60 refund).

Retaking the GMAT

There is a 16-day waiting period to retake the GMAT. You can take the GMAT only five times in any rolling 12-month period (and eight times lifetime). These restrictions apply collectively to test-center exams and online exams.

Many students improve the second time taking the GMAT, with an average increase of 33 points (smaller gains for each successive sitting). The first time, many students are somewhat stressed and intimidated by an unfamiliar testing environment. The second time, this discomfort tends to be less. Furthermore, most students undertake targeted studying in between test administrations that helps improve their GMAT skills. Finally, repeat test takers are more likely to have run out of time on at least one section during their first exam, and these students usually finish on time during retakes.

But a higher score is not guaranteed; almost one quarter of students score lower the second time they take the GMAT. According to GMAC data, the chance of scoring significantly higher on a third attempt or beyond is relatively low for those with scores above 600. Given the cost and time commitment involved in taking the GMAT, if you want to take the test more than three times, you should have a very good reason to believe that you will now score higher than you did on prior attempts.

GMAT Customer Service

GMAT Customer Service for United States and Canada customers is available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central time, by calling (800) 717 - GMAT [4628]. Alternately, you can reach GMAC Customer Care at (833) 605 - 8480. Please be forewarned that GMAT Customer Service is notoriously awful.