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Over 100 testimonials demonstrate our commitment to GMAT excellence. When provided, we list the student’s GMAT score and/or business school of matriculation. Many of the GMAT scores listed are from the prior, now-retired GMAT Exam (10th Edition). In some cases, last names have been withheld by request. As you read through the experiences of prior GMAT Genius clients, we are confident that you will recognize the value that GMAT Genius can add to your GMAT preparations.


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Vinay is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He is extremely patient and a really good listener. He also has a wealth of knowledge regarding the MBA process through years and years of interactions with his students. The thing that differentiates Vinay, in my opinion, is that he cares and really, really wants you to do well. Before doing the video sessions with Vinay, I imagined that the online experience wouldn't be as professional but I was wrong: Vinay is extremely professional, punctual, and equipped with the right programs/software to make sure your teaching experience is the best that it can be. Would highly recommend Vinay and I constantly do!”

-- Dave Modi, GMAT score: 730, Northwestern - Kellogg School of Management

“During my extensive GMAT preparation, I struggled with the fact that most tutors have a fixed mentality. They live in their comfort zone, train students with a limited set of questions and are unable to take on any new questions without having to Google the solving methodology first.

After testing over a dozen tutors, I was fortunate enough to find Vinay. His thinking flexibility allows him to truly understand what even the most challenging questions require to be answered correctly, on the spot. He is knowledgeable, patient, and thrilled to take on new challenges. In my view, Vinay provides the professionalism that you expect when the stakes are high.

It was great working with you, Vinay!”

-- Vanessa L., GMAT score: 680, Queen's University - Smith School of Business

Vinay has been a God-send. I first took the GMAT without much preparation, assuming that as a normally decent test taker, I might hit a stroke of luck and get the minimum score I was aiming for (a 700). I ended up scoring a 660, with a dismal 30 on Verbal, and was in full-on panic mode. I only had one more shot to take the test and three weeks to prepare, since I made the hasty decision to apply to business school very close to the deadline. Thankfully, I reached out to Vinay.

I was a bit hesitant since I had never done online classes, but decided to give him a shot because of our initial session. In this initial session, he reviewed my Enhanced Score Report and was able to quickly pinpoint my weaknesses and create an effective and efficient study plan for me. He went above and beyond, and worked around my very busy schedule in which I was juggling 50-60 hour work weeks in a demanding field. He was willing to take time to answer my emails with any practice problems or questions I came across, and came up with excellent tactics for tackling the issues I had with the test (time management, strategy for Sentence Correction, and quicker, more effective ways to solve math problems).

He is passionate about his work, and truly did an amazing job getting me to focus on the right areas. He believes in his students, and pushed me to aim for a higher score, refusing to let me settle with a Quant score under 50. In 10 short hours, over the course of 3 weeks, he was able to help me pull my score up to a 740.”

-- Joanne P., GMAT score: 740, Stanford Graduate School of Business

“Before I worked with Vinay of GMAT Genius, I studied independently and took the test three times but was stuck in the high 600's. Working with Vinay was an instant game changer. After just one session, I could already see that he knows the test materials inside and out. Vinay has a wealth of knowledge and amazing insights on all question types. The sessions were structured to tackle whatever weak areas I wanted to work on and Vinay showed me the most efficient approaches that I would not have thought of on my own. In addition, he is very responsive and flexible when it comes to scheduling. Even after we finished our sessions, Vinay constantly followed up with me to see how I was doing on my test preparation; this demonstrates that he genuinely cares for his clients and their success. Overall, it was a great pleasure to work with Vinay and I would not have been able to raise my score from 680 to 750 without his help. I would highly recommend Vinay & GMAT Genius to any test takers who are serious about improving their GMAT scores.”

-- Jason Zhan, GMAT score: 750, USC Marshall School of Business

Vinay is without peer in GMAT preparation. His steps to make complicated quant problems feel instinctive is truly unique, and I was able to exceed my own score expectations. From the introductory call to my admission decisions, Vinay's patience, responsiveness, and flexibility were invaluable. Vinay's own experience applying to business school and helping countless students through the process also proved instrumental as I began my applications and interviews. I HIGHLY recommend working with Vinay.”

-- Vijay K., GMAT score: 770, University of Pennsylvania - Wharton

“You have an average of 2 minutes per problem. Two minutes per problem decides what degree goes on your resume for the rest of your career. Luckily, Vinay Narang can change the way you view the GMAT. He knows every pattern, every rule, and every nuance, making it possible to complete each problem within the time frame.

Whereas many other programs offered cookie-cutter practice manuals, Vinay offered exactly what I needed: intensity and systematic organization. He broke down the basics, ensuring that I could breeze past the intermediate questions. Then he taught me the nuances to score 700+ on my first attempt. He emphasized diagnostic exams true to the test, memorization to meet the stringent time constraints, and targeted practice to bring me up to my potential by my test date.

I highly recommend his teaching philosophy, his advice, and his intelligence. Business school tuition often exceeds $40K per year. Why wouldn’t you invest in GMAT preparation that ensures that you can maximize your potential? Vinay’s GMAT prep is worth the investment.”

-- Michael Exner, GMAT score: 710, USC Marshall School of Business

“My experience with GMAT Genius was nothing short of terrific. It is important to note the difference between a GMAT tutor and a tutor hired to help you pass a class. Vinay Narang didn’t help me pass a class, he helped me qualify for an opportunity that will make a tremendous difference in my life and career. I was able to improve my score 60 points. My Quant score improved, and Vinay was able to coach my official verbal score to the 96th percentile! I cannot stress enough the importance of having someone on your team when taking on the GMAT. GMAT Genius delivered immediate, measurable results quickly and my tutor truly cared about my personal success. Thank you.”

-- Parker Holland, Arizona State University - W.P. Carey School of Business

“Before working with Vinay, I had taken a GMAT prep course and attempted to continue studies independently. Yet, I still felt unprepared for the test; I had been consistently scoring in the mid-600s and felt like I was coming up against a wall. Thankfully, Vinay was the solution to my problem and the reason for my 110-point score increase. My 750 would not have been possible without Vinay's GMAT techniques, strategies, and curriculum. In addition to his tricks and shortcuts, his breakdown of question types and step-by-step explanations of difficult problems put me at ease with the material. Vinay is, by far, an expert, and I thank him for my GMAT success.”

-- Teny Akay, GMAT score: 750, NYU Stern School of Business

“I can’t thank Vinay enough for all of his help. He is truly motivated to help others and works tirelessly to provide the best possible help. I first took the GMAT after studying by myself with the help of a few books and online practice questions, and I missed my target score by 40 points. The quantitative section was my biggest issue, as I have never been very strong with math. After looking for a tutor to help me improve my score, I came across Vinay and GMAT Genius. After reading his reviews, it seemed like he’d really be able to help. The reviews online don’t do Vinay justice; he truly is a great teacher.

Within the first 10 minutes of working with him, I could tell that he really takes his job seriously. He comes to every meeting beyond prepared. He figures out what your strengths and weaknesses are, and creates a study plan that is easy to follow. He provides plenty of helpful material to help explain everything he teaches, and provides insight and tips for tackling the GMAT in the most efficient way possible.

From the time I first met Vinay to the time I re-took the test, I had a little over 2 weeks. He was able to work with my schedule and spend a lot of time with me in those 2 weeks. He was always professional, helpful, and patient with me while also making everything much more clear and easy to understand. After working with Vinay, I was able to improve my score by 60 points and score 20 points higher than my target. If you need any help preparing for this test, you will not find a better tutor than Vinay. This man just plain gets it. Thank you again, Vinay!”

-- Derrick Carter

“Vinay (GMAT Genius) embodies unmatched expertise in GMAT instruction. Having engaged with two other esteemed teaching programs previously, it was under Vinay's guidance that I finally triumphed. His exceptional ability to distill complex concepts into understandable pieces, tailored precisely to individual learning styles, is truly remarkable. Patient and accommodating, Vinay (GMAT Genius) ensures no stone is left unturned in your GMAT journey. With Vinay (GMAT Genius) by your side, achieving your score aspirations becomes a certainty. Thanks to Vinay, I received a GMAT score that allowed me to get accepted to 3 top 10 business schools. Trust me, you won’t regret working with Vinay (GMAT Genius).”

-- Natalie M., MIT Sloan School of Management

“GMAT Genius was absolutely critical to my improved performance on the GMAT exam.

Never a skilled test-taker, I struggled to get my score out of mid-600s with self study. When I reached out to Vinay for help, I got much more than I had expected. Vinay will not only help you tackle questions, but he will also de-mystify the underlying mechanics of the test, how you are scored, and then craft a strategy for your success. What is more, Vinay also has great insight into specific MBA programs and the overall application process. As a result, you get much more than a mere standardized test tutor. Working with Vinay has been a great experience. He is patient and supportive, but also pushes you to reach your best. Vinay always felt like a great coach vying for your success.

The GMAT Genius program is tremendous at re-designing how you approach the exam. By learning tips, tricks, and key concepts in the GMAT Genius program, I was able to improve my score to a 710. I would highly recommend Vinay and GMAT Genius to anyone looking to improve their score.”

-- Noah Franz, GMAT score: 710, University of Pennsylvania - Wharton

“After trying multiple GMAT test prep services (Magoosh, Veritas, Manhattan, etc.), I realized that GMAT Genius was the best. Vinay met with me in person and was always supportive throughout my GMAT journey. He taught me how to look at GMAT problems from a different perspective and attack the GMAT strategically. After I completed all my sessions with Vinay, he still reached out to me to see how I was doing and offered to help. He didn't need to do this at all, but this just shows the type of person he is and the type of support that you will get from GMAT Genius. Ultimately, I was able to score a 710 on the GMAT and I wouldn't have been able to achieve that score without Vinay's custom lessons and prep material. I highly recommend working with GMAT Genius.”

-- Jonathan Le, GMAT score: 710, USC Marshall School of Business

Vinay is the best, hands down, no contest. Prior to working with Vinay, I took courses with other test prep companies. I would have saved thousands of dollars if I had just gone straight with Vinay. In working with Vinay, it becomes very apparent that he cares about his students’ success, and will go above and beyond what is expected of a tutor. If you are already studying or planning on studying for the GMAT, do yourself a favor and give Vinay a call.”

-- Ken McMackin, GMAT score: 700, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Vinay is unequivocally the most skilled teacher I have had. He is articulate, patient, and a master of the GMAT material. I highly recommend him.”

-- Kele Yang

“There's no shortage of reviews here praising Vinay's superb knowledge of the GMAT's construction, his keen strategies for tackling Verbal, and his ability to break down even the most complex Quant questions into easily digestible pieces - and I would agree with all of them. But what stood out most to me about Vinay was his willingness to go above and beyond to make sure that I got a result that reflected my true capabilities. If things in my tutoring session were progressing more slowly, he would be willing to work with me past our scheduled two hours to make sure I really understood what was going on; he was always happy to take time before our sessions to thoughtfully review my practice tests and send me notes; and he was flexible enough to accommodate my (often wonky) work schedule, including meeting on weekends. From my first practice test before working with Vinay to test day, my Quant score jumped 6 points, and my Verbal score jumped 5 points to land me at a 760. I never would have been able to achieve such a great score without Vinay's support and expertise.”

-- Stephanie Duenas, GMAT score: 760

“I am so glad I chose GMAT Genius to help me prep for my exam these past few weeks. I had taken the exam before and needed to raise my Quant score. From the very first consultation, Vinay pinpointed exactly what mistakes I was making and highlighted several strategies I could use to improve my score - I knew at that moment that I was in very capable hands! Beyond the concepts and strategies that I learned from the sessions, I felt that Vinay truly cared about my progress and that made all the difference for me. He continually encouraged me and believed in me, even after I kept getting score after disappointing score on my practice exams. We worked out every single question that was a stumbling block for me and he taught me how to view the problems through a different perspective, which helped me tremendously in removing my test anxiety! As a result, I was able to increase my score into the 700s and achieve a Quant 48 score on test day! I highly recommend GMAT Genius and thank Vinay for his excellent, above and beyond tutelage!”

-- Lynn Teng, GMAT score: 710, INSEAD

Working with Vinay is an absolute pleasure. He consistently exceeded my expectations as a GMAT tutor. Vinay diligently examines both your strengths and weaknesses, offering a fresh perspective to guide you in conquering them. I was genuinely impressed by his level of preparation for every single session. Additionally, he possesses a vast knowledge of effective strategies, which he skillfully applies to analyze problems and enhance your logical understanding of them. I particularly appreciated his ability to simplify "rate" questions, allowing me to swiftly tackle those specific types of questions and saving me valuable time during my exam. Furthermore, Vinay demonstrates exceptional adaptability, readily providing tutoring support even on short notice.”

-- Darren Chu, University of Chicago - Booth School of Business

“Vinay was instrumental in my preparation for the GMAT. He is a gifted instructor who can walk anyone through the toughest GMAT question with clear, concise, and thorough direction. With his guidance and a fair bit of hard work, I went from consistently testing in the mid-to-high 600s to scoring a 760 on test day.”

-- Paul L. Stahlke, GMAT score: 760, UCLA Anderson School of Management

“I came to Vinay because I had plateaued at a 650 score with only 3 weeks left before my test date. Within that time period, I was able to raise my score 50 points and score a 700 on the exam! I credit a majority of this bump to Vinay, who has direct, concise methods for approaching any type of problem on the GMAT. He helped me see problems in much simpler terms, and above all, he taught me tons of tips and tricks that really helped boost my score. He was also incredibly patient and happily went into as much detail as I needed to grasp a concept. I'd definitely recommend Vinay to anyone looking to bolster their score. He's a fantastic tutor and an incredible GMAT resource. Thanks Vinay!!”

-- Ronell Firouz, GMAT score: 700

“Vinay is not just a wonderful tutor, he is a wonderful person. First of all, he is truly a GMAT Genius. He can look at a question and think of insanely fast ways to conquer the question. He knows his stuff. He used to be the head tutor of a large GMAT tutoring chain. There are subtleties that I pick up working with an expert, for example how he organizes his questions, and things he immediately thinks of when he sees certain problems. He helped me find my weak areas and guides me on how to study efficiently to maximize the results of my efforts. He is there to answer my questions via e-mail even when we are not working together. Vinay doesn't waste any of the time you schedule with him. He comes ready to make sure you get your money's worth of tutoring, sometimes even staying later than our designated time. My score has improved over 100 points working with Vinay. I wouldn't go with anybody else after having worked with him!”

-- Brian Tsui, Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management

“If you've hit a wall, take my advice and reach out to Vinay! I tried two different well-known prep programs for several months but I was stuck in the 600s. I tried several "free consultations" offered by tutoring companies to find a new approach, but Vinay was the only one that listened to my problems and suggested several study plans. I had five sessions with Vinay and each one was extremely helpful and productive. Even after all of my sessions were over, Vinay continued to check in and eventually, I scored a 720!”

-- Sean Ahn, GMAT score: 720, INSEAD

“Vinay is a great instructor. Though the sessions were done online, he was extremely patient and organized through all my sessions. His flexibility in covering content that was most important to me proved extremely useful in improving my weak areas. Vinay's methodologies for solving both quantitative and verbal questions reflect his sound knowledge of the GMAT exam material. With his help, I was able to exceed my initial goal of 700+ by achieving a score of 720 in a month and a half. I would highly recommend Vinay to anyone seeking to improve their GMAT score, and/or looking to score in the 700s.”

-- Akshai Parthasarathy, GMAT score: 720, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

“As opposed some other aspects of the MBA application that I could no longer manipulate, such as my undergraduate GPA or my work experience, the GMAT was one area where I felt an ability and a need to perform well. Vinay gave me the requisite tools, tips, and confidence that allowed me to perform to the best of my abilities. His teaching style is at once personable and structured. He truly cares about his students’ performance and he always gives the extra effort to give his students every chance to reach their goals for the test.”

-- Fred Michaels, GMAT score: 750, Columbia Business School

“Vinay will help you exceed your GMAT limits – guaranteed. The specific pointers that he provided and prepared me for in each of our greatly informative classes appeared verbatim on the exam, and the techniques that he taught helped me become a more efficient test-taker. But above all else, Vinay’s greatest strength is his drive to see his students succeed. This was made clear when I expressed scheduling conflicts as my GMAT test neared. He offered to shift his calendar not once, but twice, such that we doubled our lecture time the very next day. The insight that he offered during that final class was what helped me break through my chronic GMAT roof of 740 to my final score of 760! Without his last-minute flexibility, I wouldn’t have performed as well as I did.

The intense lectures, the tough questions, the hard realizations he made me face; they were all worth it. Thanks Vinay!”

-- Malek Samman, GMAT score: 760, University of Chicago - Booth School of Business

Vinay is truly a GMAT genius. I had gone through other test prep services and was still not satisfied with my score or how I was approaching the problems. However, Vinay was able to teach me new strategies and methods in tackling problems that allowed me to arrive at the correct answer more often and quicker. Vinay is great at pinpointing your problem areas and finding solutions to overcome your weaker points. He genuinely cares about your results and it shows through his work. Would definitely recommend Vinay to anyone I know needing a GMAT tutor!”

-- Jenny Cheng, USC Marshall School of Business

WOW! So glad that I found GMAT Genius when I did. I had about a month left until my test date and was scoring around the 700 mark on my GMAT practice exams. While encouraging, I knew I was going to need to score higher to achieve my goals.

I began researching several tutoring options and found them to all be very expensive and money was tight. Regrettably, I signed up for tutoring with a company that shall remain nameless in this review, and the experience was HORRIBLE. They were not experts. The tutor did not care if I succeeded or failed. They did not provide any insights into the GMAT math section (my problem section) that I could not have read about on my own. Lesson learned - you get what you pay for with GMAT tutoring.

As a last ditch effort, I searched Yelp for local GMAT EXPERTS. That was the key for me - to get to the next level, I knew I needed a true expert. GMAT Genius was able to provide the level of expertise and deep knowledge and understanding of the test that I was so desperately seeking. As if that weren't enough, I knew that I had found a truly great resource as soon as I spoke with Vinay. He initially spent 45 minutes on the phone with me discussing all things business school before we even spoke of us potentially working together. Clearly, Vinay and the whole GMAT Genius team go above and beyond. They take a vested interest in all of their clients.

So, if you've gotten yourself most of the way to your target score and just need that extra bump up, then GMAT Genius is for you. In fact, Vinay only had to spend five sessions (10 hours) with me to bump up my score to a 740 on test day! Thanks to GMAT Genius, I am in the midst of applying to my three top programs and am very hopeful! Thanks guys!”

-- Ryan Cameron, GMAT score: 740, UCLA Anderson School of Management

“I had a great experience working with Vinay on the GMAT quantitative section! He provides excellent study materials and practice problems geared towards the areas I needed improvement in. Our study sessions primarily covered developing strategies for answering certain types of questions. The strategies were very simple to follow and were useful during my practice exams and actual exam. I was able to improve my quant score after only three sessions working with him.

Vinay is very flexible and coordinating a meeting time and location with him was a breeze. He genuinely cares about the success of his students, not just on the GMAT, but with their applications as well. I intend to keep him informed of my application results as I know he cares!”

-- Stephen Mair, GMAT score: 730

“I cannot thank GMAT Genius enough for helping me get a truly amazing score! I went through Manhattan prep courses to help me prepare for my GMAT. I got a 650 on my first GMAT Prep test before the course, was testing at around a 710 after the course, and felt pretty confident going into my exam. When I took the official GMAT, I got a 650. I was pretty upset to end up where I started and reached out to Vinay at GMAT Genius for some extra help.

Vinay helped me boost my confidence by reassuring me that I knew all the concepts clearly, and that what I was missing was an ability to think strategically on the exam. The GMAT is truly about strategy and testing your ability to use your time wisely. With Vinay's help I was able to boost my score by 120 points in just 5 short weeks! I cannot thank GMAT Genius enough for getting me to a 770, and wish that I had done all my GMAT prep with them from the beginning. I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking to boost their score in a short amount of time!”

-- Sabrina Mateen, GMAT score: 770, Columbia Business School

“Vinay takes a practical and creative approach to solving difficult quant problems, and was instrumental in helping me reach a Q50 score. He conducts a thorough review of past test performances and is especially thoughtful about diagnosing key issues and tailoring sessions accordingly. The hands-on, real-time approach used in the sessions was a great fit for me. Vinay is also intimately familiar with pretty much every official question ever released, and does a fantastic job explaining solutions in quick, intuitive ways - hugely beneficial on problems whose "official" solutions seem convoluted and difficult to follow. His organization, internal record keeping and professionalism are also highly impressive and enrich the study process. Overall, Vinay is an outstanding tutor and I highly recommend working with him.”

-- Ryan H., GMAT score: 760, Stanford Graduate School of Business

“I very highly recommend Vinay and GMAT Genius. I've taken other live classes from test prep companies, and a few sessions with Vinay were infinitely more effective than the two month classes that I took. You'd be hard pressed to find somebody who either knows more about this test, or has a better ability to explain concepts, problems, strategies etc. than he does. He helped me raise my score 70 points to a 730. If you are serious about taking your score to the next level, it's time for you to call Vinay.”

-- Ross Trachtman, GMAT score: 730

“Vinay is a phenomenal tutor. He is able to distill the key concepts in a way that drastically expedites studying. He reduces the massive amount of information to digestible, comprehensible pieces, and makes this undertaking manageable. I highly recommend him, and could not have done this without his guidance.”

-- Chris K., GMAT score: 740, MIT Sloan School of Management

“GMAT Genius Vinay was extremely helpful and crucial in my GMAT prep leading up to my exam. I improved 100 points from my original diagnostic exam and was able to do it alongside strenuous academic, work, and extracurricular responsibilities. Vinay's ability to break down complex questions into piece-by-piece concepts was incredible. Vinay's flexibility also makes him the best choice for anyone with hectic and changing schedules. I highly recommend Vinay to any student or professional that is looking to take the GMAT.”

-- JJ Li, GMAT score: 720

GMAT Genius is incredible and delivers a highly customized program for each of its students. I had been studying for 3 months with Manhattan's materials and I was struggling with quant and test pacing. Fortunately for me, I was able to call in the SWAT team of GMAT prep!!! Vinay came in with a highly customized game plan focused on the hardest math questions possible and tricks, shortcuts, and formulas I had never even heard of that dramatically increased both my speed and accuracy. There were no drawn out lesson plans focused on the foundations or topics that I did not need. On top of that, Vinay was incredibly available whenever I had questions and was very invested in my success. I ended up getting a 50 in quant. That's absurd, I'm not that smart!!!”

-- David P., GMAT score: 760

One of the best instructors out there! Knows all the tricks of GMAT and tailors the preparation to your specific needs quite efficiently. And its not only GMAT prep that you pay for... he goes beyond hourly GMAT preparation and mentors you through the long process of b-school applications. For example, he went out of his way to help me with my MIT waitlist strategy last year! You will develop a very traditional teacher-pupil relationship working with Vinay.. and it is completely worth it.”

-- Akshat K., GMAT score: 720, University of Pennsylvania - Wharton

50 points in 2 weeks - the task seemed daunting. My decision to apply for programs came down to improving my score by that many points. I called up Vinay, who I heard was "one of the best GMAT tutors in the world." I sensed his sincere interest in my success from the first phone call. He has both the complete knowledge of the GMAT and the human touch to guide clients in an encouraging yet straightforward manner. His coaching method allowed me to also improve in critical thinking and problem solving contexts outside of the GMAT. His communication and sessions felt incredibly personal, even though I was having sessions online from South Africa. Vinay was instrumental in helping me achieve my GMAT goal of over 700 points and enrolling in my first choice program. You will have a fun time working with an awesome person!”

-- Ali B., Yale School of Management

“When I had my first consultation with Vinay, I had just recently decided I wanted to take the GMAT exam. I have an engineering background and determined business school was the next step for me. After scoring a 620 on my diagnostic exam and a few months of prep, I was ready to take the exam. I had taken 7 practice exams with consistent 700+ scores and had many 1-on-1 online sessions with Vinay. Unfortunately, though my skills were strong, my confidence was not high and I did not perform well on the official exam. Vinay worked with me to develop a strategic plan to boost my confidence and strengthen my skill set in order to retake the exam as soon as possible. I managed to score 100+ points higher to land exactly where I wanted to be. I highly recommend GMAT Genius - Vinay truly knows the exam backwards and forwards and can identify your strengths and target your weakness to get you to your target score!!”

-- Elizabeth G., GMAT score: 710

“Hiring GMAT Genius for my GMAT Prep was the best decision I could have made. My first time around with the GMAT, I used a MGMAT prep course and scored a 630 with a 43 in Quant. My second time around, I used another tutor, as I had not stumbled upon GMAT Genius as of yet. I scored a 710 with a 46 in Quant. Finally, someone recommended I work with Vinay and GMAT Genius, and his ability to clearly explain difficult concepts and drill key test strategies helped me boost my score to a 760 with a 50 in Quant. I could never have achieved this without GMAT Genius. Vinay also goes above and beyond for his clients, and makes himself available even during non-billable time, sharing tips and extra practice problems. A true pro.”

-- Patrick Harmon, GMAT score: 760, University of Chicago - Booth School of Business

Vinay is an outstanding teacher and one of the best tutors I have had. He was able to adapt to my style of learning and was extremely patient in doing so. He has a wealth of knowledge on all topics regarding the GMAT and MBA process. I really enjoyed the way he conducted his teaching sessions as they were informative, insightful, and very interactive, creating a good balance between teacher and student. He also clearly cares about students' success and genuinely wants them to do well. I could not thank him enough for all the help he gave me and would recommend him to anyone looking to take the GMAT.”

-- Barret Albright, GMAT score: 730

“I wish I’d found GMAT Genius sooner. Prior to working with Vinay, I spent two years preparing independently. I had tried various self-study programs including Magoosh, Manhattan, and the GMAT Official Guide set. Yet I hit a ceiling of 610.

Vinay came highly recommended by previous clients and multiple admissions consultants. I worked with Vinay weekly for three months and he exceeded expectations. Vinay was instrumental in helping me earn a 660, boosting my score by 50 points.

Vinay provides valuable, personalized feedback. Vinay reviewed my Enhanced Score Report and immediately discovered what went wrong. He identified the low-hanging fruit, and we got to work. He created a clear strategy based on my timeline. He also provided valuable feedback on practice tests as test dates approached.

Vinay is a GMAT expert. He knows the test’s tricks and he knows the shortcuts. He did an amazing job of explaining these concepts to me. Vinay got to know me personally, and he remembered my tendencies and weaknesses. His attention to detail was extremely valuable. The personalized instruction catered to my individual short-comings. I didn’t get a generic rule from a textbook; I received real feedback based on the actual mistakes I was making at the time.

Finally, working and scheduling with Vinay was extremely convenient. Our sessions were conducted remotely (video application with an integrated whiteboard). Additionally, Vinay provided prompt feedback in between sessions. Vinay clearly cares about his clients’ success. He was invested in my success and he provided strong encouragement and support throughout the process.

I cannot recommend GMAT Genius strongly enough. I would absolutely work with Vinay again.”

-- James Fitzpatrick, University of Washington - Foster School of Business

“Vinay is definitely the person to go to when you start plateauing with your GMAT prep. The sessions were tailored to my goals and very focused towards helping me achieve the same, differentiating them from the one size fits all approach that most tutors and coaching classes tend to take. Most importantly, Vinay and the team at GMAT Genius are effective and their results do indeed speak for them.

My quant score in the practice tests was ranging in the mid 40s before I started working with Vinay. In just a few sessions, he helped me achieve a quant score of 49 on test day. Vinay was also super helpful in advising me through how I can maximize the return on my time by adopting the right prep strategies and reading the relevant material. Would strongly recommend GMAT Genius, especially if you have to juggle a full time job with GMAT prep.”

-- Vaishnav Sunil, GMAT score: 750, MIT Sloan School of Management

“Vinay, the founder of GMAT Genius, is exceedingly good at what he does. Taking the GMAT isn't just about learning the various different rules of math and verbal, it's about understanding the correct approach to each different type of question. Most questions have a shortcut that allows you to save valuable time on the GMAT and Vinay is effective in preparing you with these strategies. Vinay helped me raise my score 160 points! I would highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about performing well on the GMAT and getting into a top level business school.”

-- Andre Soroudi, GMAT score: 760, USC Marshall School of Business

Vinay is the true GMAT genius and was instrumental in helping me reach my desired score. The GMAT preparation process is daunting with endless options for resources and strategies available, and through experience, I learned that a one size fits all strategy does not optimize scores. Vinay tailors his sessions to his client's weaknesses and strengths and creates a game plan to most effectively hit his client's goals. His knowledge of the test is second to none, and his tactics on how to approach time management and difficult questions are paramount on test days. His ability to explain difficult questions in a clear concise manner and tackle new approaches to Critical Reasoning and Data Sufficiency questions helped me achieve a 60 point improvement from the first time I took the test.”

-- Nick Perks, GMAT score: 720, University of Chicago - Booth School of Business

“Vinay knows the GMAT better than anyone. After taking multiple classes from well-known test prep firms, I came to GMAT Genius for one-on-one tutoring. When I started with Vinay, I was scoring in the low-mid 600's. I knew the content, but I needed to master the techniques to get to the 700 level.

Vinay pinpointed my weaknesses in quant and verbal by doing some deep analysis on my practice tests. After we identified my weaknesses, he brought me a curated set of real and relevant GMAT problems and topics to go over for every session. Vinay also created a customized set of homework problems comprised of real GMAT problems for me to go over after each session. This was the most effective way for me to study and I began to master the techniques for many of the hardest quant problems.

When I started with GMAT Genius, my Quant score was 42. After a month of working with GMAT Genius, I brought my quant up to 49 and my Verbal above 40. For each hard quant problem, Vinay was able to help me break it down and become highly accurate within the allotted 2 minutes. I was happy to receive a 720 on the GMAT.

Vinay has also been very helpful in the MBA admissions process, as he has seen hundreds of students go through it and understands what makes a candidate stand out. He can tell you honestly what a good target school looks like and how to prioritize reach and safer schools to optimize your chances at success.

I am very thankful I met Vinay. He saved me time and money, and helped me to think about problem solving in a way that will make me more successful in business.”

-- Kevin Koeller, GMAT score: 720, Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management

“Vinay is truly a GMAT genius. After months of working full-time, taking GMAT classes, using online resources, and countless hours intensive self-study, I found Vinay to be the missing link in my preparation journey. I'd taken the GMAT once before and did not receive the score I was hoping for, but Vinay was confident in my capabilities. He came to every tutoring session organized, energetic, and attentive to my questions. He is extremely accommodating and easy to work with. 10/10 would recommend Vinay to anyone looking to improve his or her GMAT score!”

-- Nicole Carter, University of Virginia - Darden School of Business

“I highly recommend using GMAT Genius for your GMAT preparation course. The tutor, Vinay Narang is extremely intelligent. He is an amazing person who cares about his students and truly believes in their abilities. He goes into great detail during each tutoring session, covering every single topic imaginable and providing very well thought out descriptions and explanations. He prepares you for all of the possible questions that you could come across on the test, so you are ready for anything. He prepared me so well that I ended up with a 200-point swing from my original test to my final test! I am extremely thankful for all of the hard work, effort, and care that Vinay has put forth over the past 6 months. Vinay’s instruction has made a world of difference in my future graduate admissions.”

-- Mason Collins, Chapman University - Argyros School of Business & Economics

“I feel fortunate that I worked with GMAT Genius, because I truly feel that they are the best in the business. I had attempted to study on my own, and as soon as I started working with Vinay, my improvement accelerated significantly. The GMAT Genius materials explain exactly what you need to know in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand. Vinay can solve any problem that the GMAT can throw at you, and he usually has a trick to get it done in thirty seconds! (I still don’t know how he does it, but I’m glad I learned the shortcuts!)

When it came to test day, the strategies that Vinay taught me proved extremely valuable. I surpassed my target score and I know I could not have done it without him.”

-- Julia Boserup, GMAT score: 740, University of Chicago - Booth School of Business

“Vinay has been tutoring me for less than a month and my score went up 100 points to a 700+! He has a lot of experiences and knows how to tackle hard GMAT problems in the most efficient way. He understands what the test makers want to challenge you on and where the traps are for each problem. I have tried many other test preps, but all of them fail to address your personal concerns. Instead, they teach you the most basic information that can help you to get a score of 500 or 600. Vinay is great at helping you to overcome your weakness, reinforce your strengths, and get that dream score! I live in the Bay Area so we have online tutoring sessions, which are just as effective as face-to-face tutoring. Go to Vinay if you want to achieve your dream score!”

-- Jessica Gu, GMAT score: 710

“I had worked with Vinay for a few months and the improvement I saw on my GMAT scores was amazing! I had worked with other 'GMAT prep programs' and was not seeing the results I wanted. As soon as I started working with Vinay, I looked at the test in an entirely new way. His strategy is unique and allows you to focus on what's important. He knows every trick in the book! I cannot recommend GMAT Genius enough, it truly is a unique and effective way of learning.”

-- Alex Paul, GMAT score: 680, SMU Cox School of Business

“I have had several test preparation instructors throughout my lifetime, but Vinay has been far and away the best. Vinay was able to break down the difficult concepts in a clear and concise way. He genuinely cared about my performance and I would not have scored as high as I did without Vinay’s instruction.”

-- Matthew Kane, GMAT score: 710, NYU Stern School of Business

“I decided to learn with GMAT Genius after one unsuccessful attempt at the GMAT. I had reached a road block because I understood the concepts and was doing well on time so it was difficult to identify how I could improve my score. Vinay hit the nail on the head. He knew how to refine on my existing knowledge. He focused on advanced problems and shortcuts (especially in SC and math). He also taught me some ways to make educated guesses on complex problems and validate answers. This in turn helped me save time and made me much more confident. He is patient and personalized in his teaching. Couldn't have done it without his help!”

-- Geet Bawa, GMAT score: 730, University of Pennsylvania - Wharton

“Stop your tutor search -- you've found the one! I interviewed many tutors. Chief Genius, Vinay was first and foremost very warm and encouraging (despite the fact that I scored in some of the lowest percentiles on prior practice exams), and more knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the GMAT than I thought humanly possible. He has a vast understanding of techniques, test formats, tips and tricks, and helped me tremendously just in our first two conversations alone. He was thorough in giving me directions on what to do next and nothing ever felt overwhelming. 10/10, I highly, HIGHLY recommend.”

-- Kate Westervelt

“I highly recommend taking a GMAT preparation course with Vinay. He was very thoughtful in his preparation and teaching of the material. He took great care in making sure everyone in the class really understood the purpose of and answer to each question, no matter how subtle or advanced. He was friendly, professional and very effective. I know that he was instrumental in helping me get a 770 on the GMAT, which was followed by admission to Harvard Business School.”

-- Julia C., GMAT score: 770, Harvard Business School

Vinay is the reason that I mastered the GMAT. Books and classes are great, but a good instructor is the key ingredient. He was able to break down complex grammar and math problems in a logical, easy-to-understand fashion. Disheartened by my first practice exam score of 560, the difference Vinay made was both noticeable and absolute. By the end, I consistently scored in the 90-95th percentile. My official score was 700, which helped me get accepted to USC’s full-time MBA program. THANK YOU, VINAY!!”

-- Ariel Trybuch, GMAT score: 700, USC Marshall School of Business

“Vinay was really helpful from the very beginning (the free 30-minute consultation). I was working by myself on GMAT preparation and had already taken the test twice with results really below my practice and target scores. Vinay was assertive on my weakness and strengths and helped not only with tips, strategies, the right materials and great lessons, but also with boosting my confidence for the test. He was very flexible with timings, accommodating our different time zones. After 3 sessions I was able to improve my score by 100 points on the real test.”

-- Priscila Lelis, GMAT score: 680, International Institute for Management Development (IMD)

“GMAT Genius helped me achieve a 50 point increase in score to 770. I needed the extra push to go beyond the low 700’s hurdle and the tutor provided that. Vinay was obviously very experienced in the GMAT and knew how to best approach problems (very helpful with smart guessing and shortcuts) and analyze your mock exams to understand pain points. Patient and generous with sharing knowledge and resources. Also generally a very nice guy who works with your schedule and limitations. He even checks in on your progress with b-school applications even after you’ve taken the exam. This company is definitely worth checking out.”

-- Cris Sy, GMAT score: 770, MIT Sloan School of Management

“Working with Vinay was exactly what I needed. I started by taking one of the well-known test prep companies and after about two months of courses I learned very little and minimally improved my score if at all. After about two months of working with Vinay I improved my score from around the mid 600's to a 740. He really helped me schedule out my time, determine what concepts I needed to study and how long I needed to study them for and most importantly he was able to teach me the concepts clearly and concisely. Thank you Vinay I really appreciate all your help.”

-- Sager Moritzky, GMAT score: 740

“I was referred to Vinay by a close friend who significantly improved his GMAT score by utilizing the tutoring sessions with Vinay. Frustrated with my GMAT score after my first attempt, I reached out to Vinay and he quickly responded back to me with a phone consultation. I shared with him my struggles and situation and he quickly recommended practice problems and books to use before our first session.

I always knew I would need a good GMAT score to offset my low undergraduate GPA, especially as an ORM. Given my busy schedule and tight deadline to reach my target score by R2 deadlines, I did not have time to self-study and needed a tutor to help me navigate through the test. After completing my initial tutoring hours, I was already seeing significant improvements in my official practice tests. When test day finally came, I unfortunately only scored 10 points higher than my first attempt. However, I knew this was mainly due to nerves and time management and Vinay comforted me and coached me on improving my time management. He was very supportive and reassured me that I was capable of a higher score based on his assessment of my capabilities. At this point, I was already approaching my personal testing deadline for R2, as I would be out of the country for the next month, but Vinay encouraged me to attempt the exam one more time as early as possible.

I approached my third attempt with nothing significantly different except a clear and calm mind, knowing that I had all the tools I needed to succeed through my tutoring sessions with Vinay. Thankfully, I walked away with a score that I was happy with (80 point improvement) and perfect scores in IR and AWA.

Needless to say, without the help of Vinay, I would not have received my acceptance to my top choice for MBA school.”

-- Bowen Rao, GMAT score: 710, USC Marshall School of Business

Vinay is an amazing instructor! Prior to taking his GMAT course, I attempted studying on my own to take the exam and I was neither able to understand nor attempt many of the problems. Vinay helped me understand simple ways to dissect each problem and to answer the questions correctly. His tips were simple and very precise for the exam. He also helped instill a significant amount of confidence in me, as I took the exam. He is a very approachable instructor and I would HIGHLY recommend him to those interested in raising their GMAT scores!”

-- Aurora Kamimura

“The GMAT is an incredibly important part of your application to MBA schools. I tried almost all the available courses and there was absolutely no comparison. Vinay’s teaching methods, tips, and notes are by far the most effective in conquering the GMAT. There is no way I would have ever gotten my GMAT score and consequently offers from top ten business schools without Vinay’s help.”

-- Hardeep Johar, GMAT score: 730, Cambridge Judge Business School

“After 6 months of self-study, I was consistently scoring in the low 500’s on my practice exams. I was skeptical whether I could increase my score since I had already studied many of the GMAT reference books and study guides. Thankfully I was wrong. Vinay’s ability to teach the fundamentals of the GMAT was a tremendous help. After a couple months of instruction with Vinay, I was able to raise my GMAT score to 680 - an achievement I did not think was possible. I’m confident that Vinay was the main contributing factor to this 150 point increase.

Vinay fostered a comfortable atmosphere starting with day one. Whenever I had a question, he not only knew the answer, but also the multiple ways to arrive at the answer. Vinay was not only familiar with past GMAT questions, but was also able to come up with his own realistic GMAT questions on the spot. This was especially helpful when we went over the difficult concepts found in the 600-800 level questions.

I highly recommend Vinay when it comes to preparing for the GMAT. He is familiar with the material, skilled at explaining the answers, determined for his students to succeed, and genuinely enjoys teaching. There’s nothing else you could ask for in a teacher.”

-- Tony Sapounakis, GMAT score: 680, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Vinay went above and beyond all of my expectations and truly cares about his students. We had many sessions mainly focusing on quant and he helped me raise my quant score from a 35 to a 48! And my total score by 100 points. He also helped me quickly pivot to the executive assessment as well and helped me achieve a great score on this exam as well.

The way he teachers made things clear and he teaches you strategies that are extremely transferable to many questions. Other than that he was always available to answer my questions and review my practice tests even after we had stopped our tutoring sessions. As a test taker with anxiety he really helped me overcome those flaws to achieve a great final result.

I highly recommend Vinay for anyone that wants to ace the GMAT with ease and clarity.”

-- Mary Pope, GMAT score: 700, Columbia Business School

“Before working with GMAT Genius, I invested 6 months of time and over USD 1200 for intensive self preparation for the GMAT, but still was 30 points away from my target score. I was desperately thinking that I’ve reached my limit and can’t do anything more about it. But I was extremely surprised to improve my GMAT score by 50 points after only 10 hours of studies with Vinay, plus some homework based on the materials he provided me. He precisely identifies weak spots, and makes preparation structured and extremely efficient. I confidently advise anyone considering preparation for the GMAT that Vinay is the best possible instructor, who can help avoid investing excessive time and effort, and as a result a lot of related stress. Studying with Vinay is a great pleasure as well due to his easy going style and very efficient tech platform for the lessons.”

-- Maria Kutkina, GMAT score: 690, IESE Business School

“Learning is best done with a master, and Vinay clearly has mastery of the content in the GMAT. But mastery is not enough. His teaching is what makes him excellent. Vinay is able to recognize your level in each of the different sections and is able to adjust the way he teaches you concept to match your difficulties. In quant, we went fast, going through exercises to get me to see the approaches faster. In verbal, where I struggled more given my engineering background, he helped me build a base. He has the ability to dissect each question to get to the core concepts, and the agility to work with if you come up with curiosities along the way. I think this combination makes him a rare and extraordinary tutor.”

-- Pete Kalet, GMAT score: 680, International Institute for Management Development (IMD)

“Getting a good score on GMAT is hard but finding a good tutor felt even harder for me until I met Vinay. He is very articulate, patient and skillful in explaining and solving all kinds of questions. I would gladly recommend him to anyone planning on getting a fantastic GMAT score!”

-- Neda Amanat, GMAT score: 680, University of Pennsylvania - Wharton

“I chose to go with GMAT Genius because of their personalized approach, course delivery method, and frankly because I felt Vinay and Shannon truly cared about helping me reach my goals. They answered every single one of my questions thoughtfully and thoroughly, and their interactive remote learning tool allowed for very productive sessions. Vinay and Shannon gave me the tools and confidence to pursue and eventually get into my dream school (NYU) and I cannot thank them enough for their help.”

-- Kristina Urdaneta, NYU Stern School of Business

“I worked with Vinay on improving my GMAT quantitative score, and he was instrumental in helping me achieve a 760 target (above my goal!). Vinay knows the GMAT inside and out, and saved me precious time and energy by showing me clear strategic approaches to the toughest GMAT problems (ones that I'd otherwise have gotten stuck or wasted lots of time on). I'd worked through some other prep guides by myself prior to working with Vinay, and he had insights and strategic tips that I could not have found anywhere else. Vinay was generous with his time and advice, and was a great teacher in a remote environment, tailoring lessons to where I needed, making complicated concepts simple and building my confidence heading into test day. He helped me develop a study plan and quickly identified target areas for me to focus on so that we could use our time and my studying most efficiently.”

-- Simone D., GMAT score: 760, Northwestern - Kellogg School of Management

“I called Vinay after taking a look through his website to see what GMAT Genius was about. Right off the get-go, I could tell that Vinay was extremely intelligent and that he knew his stuff, as he was able to quickly assimilate the information I gave him to form an accurate basis of where I was in my GMAT journey. He is also patient and considerate of the student’s needs and schedule, taking the time to listen in on my concerns (sometimes unnecessary) and addressing them and always making me feel like my points were valid. Vinay also goes above and beyond – he took a look through all of my practice exams to see what my trending was like on my tests, and also gave recommendations based off that. I was actually impressed with this, and it made me wonder why other tutors generally don’t do that. From this I could tell that he wanted to catch all areas of possible improvement, which is something that not every tutor does. If you are looking for a comprehensive tutor to assist you in your GMAT goals, Vinay is a fantastic choice.”

-- Yushen Zhu, GMAT score: 700, Queen's University - Smith School of Business

Fantastic experience with GMAT Genius and would recommend to anyone! Given that I do not live in Southern California, I was initially hesitant to do the live-online sessions (instead of the in-person tutor option), I was very satisfied with the experience and felt it was actually more beneficial than a traditional in-person tutor. The depth and breadth of GMAT Genius’ experience is truly unrivaled - the strategies/techniques go far and beyond anything that one could memorize in a book so GMAT Genius is truly worth every penny. By using GMAT Genius over several weeks, I increased my score by ~100 points and got my dream score!”

-- Grant H., GMAT score: 700, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

“The name speaks for itself: Vinay is a GMAT genius. He is absolutely world-class in preparing you for the GMAT by teaching you important concepts and tricks, and by instilling self-confidence from the onset. He single-handedly helped raise my score by 70 points to a high 600s score. Vinay taught me how to address problems in a unique manner that I could not have gleaned from a textbook. Beyond the GMAT, Vinay has become a mentor as he continues to offer me advice throughout the MBA application process. I can unequivocally say that GMAT Genius will make your dreams a reality!”

-- Paul P., GMAT score: 670, Northwestern - Kellogg School of Management

“Vinay is a great resource for GMAT preparation at any level. He helped me set expectations for test preparation and gave me very insightful tips to stay stress-free and perform my best on test day! He was also very generous in arranging a free consultation to understand my needs and set expectations. Furthermore, Vinay was instrumental in helping me prepare my MBA applications.”

-- Turab Bajwa, GMAT score: 770, Stanford Graduate School of Business

“I took a GMAT prep class with Vinay, supplemented with individual tutoring. Vinay was an excellent GMAT teacher in both settings. In the class, Vinay effectively explained all of the math and verbal concepts to a diverse group of students. He taught the class at exactly the right pace and kept everyone interested in the material. During the tutoring, he quickly assessed my weaknesses and then offered perfectly tailored advice that helped me boost my score significantly. Vinay has an incredible knowledge of the GMAT and an amazing ability to convey his insights to students. I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone seeking a fantastic GMAT learning experience!”

-- Alpa Jain, UC Irvine - Paul Merage School of Business

Vinay is simply the best tutor I have ever met. Working with Vinay for just a few months, I was able to raise my score 70 points from a 700 to a 770. As a collegiate athlete, I was able to schedule tutoring sessions whenever was most convenient to me, either at night or on weekends. He goes out of his way to spend time on lessons, share helpful practice resources, and review all practice tests with important feedback. His thorough explanations of every question enabled me to learn the common tested knowledge on the GMAT, and the time we spent on the verbal section helped me improve my verbal score from 38 to 45. Thank you so much!”

-- Sachin Khurana, GMAT score: 770

“Vinay is the best. I truly do consider him a genius. I had what felt like hefty goals when it came to a high score in a short amount of time. On my first (yes my first) practice test with him we hit it. Soon after, we exceeded it. Trust me, make the investment with one of the few out there like Vinay - he is legit and will get you to where you need to be. I highly, highly recommend Vinay if you are serious about investing in yourself and reaching your GMAT goal in a timely and straightforward manner.”

-- Greg Labanowski, University of Texas at Austin - McCombs School of Business

“I worked with Vinay for a few weeks after underperforming on my first try at the GMAT. We worked exclusively on Quant, and he helped me pull my score from a 43 to 47 within just a few sessions – and I’m confident that additional work would have kept pushing the score even higher.

Even beyond our quant-focused sessions, Vinay was always willing to go the extra mile to discuss invaluable topics like my overall study plan, debrief practice tests, etc. He is extremely available and truly understands deeply what it takes to succeed on the GMAT – ranging from conquering individual problems to setting up your timing on entire sections.

I could not recommend him more highly!”

-- Jason F., GMAT score: 710

“GMAT Genius was recommended to me by a trusted colleague who I had observed having great success throughout the studying and application process for his MBA. When I became curious about the next step in my career, he immediately accredited GMAT Genius with much of his success throughout the testing process. I had tried other online classes and did not think they were a good use of my time, a precious resource when applying to business schools. Vinay was effective and professional, and a great tutor. He genuinely cares about the success of his students, and helped craft a personalized study plan to help me achieve my goals. I would definitely recommend Vinay to anyone looking to quickly and effectively lock down a GMAT score reflective of your true potential.”

-- Kaitlyn Moore, GMAT score: 710, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

“I started with Vinay after 1.5 years of self-study through Target Test Prep and a disappointing official GMAT score. Prior to starting with Vinay, I had taken a 3 month break from studying so I needed brushing up across all concept areas and more strategic test taking tips, particularly in quant. I was relatively strong in verbal but needed a lot of help with quant time management. I completed 13 2-hour sessions with Vinay. Vinay was highly responsive, always prepared, and provided a vast array of GMAT materials. He kept me on track and provided both quant topic expertise and strategic test taking expertise. I would highly recommend Vinay to anyone looking to maximize their GMAT score. With Vinay’s help, I was admitted to my target M7 school!”

-- Dom L., GMAT score: 710, University of Pennsylvania - Wharton

“I took a 5 session class with Vinay to bring up my score because I was just below the 700 mark. Some of my weak topic areas included RTD problems and Combo/Probability problems and I really enjoyed how Vinay kept his material very organized and taught it in a very structured way so that it was digestible. He lays out all the different scenarios these types of problems could be tested to avoid any wild surprises on exam day. In addition, he recommends material that I used extensively to cross the 700 threshold.

I also like that Vinay did not push more classes on me. I have heard of some horror stories with other GMAT tutors where they will pressure you into taking more classes and make you feel unprepared. Even when our sessions ended, Vinay still helped me review my practice exams to tell me which areas to watch out for and talked me down when I was feeling anxious!”

-- Belinda Cheng, GMAT score: 720, Duke - Fuqua School of Business

“The GMAT was the biggest hurdle I had to overcome in my business school applications. Vinay was patient and able to personalize his lessons to my specific skill set and needs. He was a great mentor through the preparation and exam process. Vinay is fantastic at what he does and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their score. Vinay came highly recommend from multiple sources and definitely met expectations!”

-- Hannah Wosskow, UCLA Anderson School of Management

“GMAT Genius was integral in my GMAT preparation. I worked with Vinay, who spent 1-2 hours with me over multiple phone calls game-planning my approach to GMAT preparation even before I had committed to working with GMAT Genius! Vinay's willingness to go above and beyond on the front end is the reason I chose to work with his company. Vinay's highly-structured approach and proven methodology for quant and verbal was effective. Additionally, Vinay's detailed review of each and every practice exam is enough reason to work with him alone. He structures future sessions based on the latest exam's results. Vinay has a busy schedule but is flexible enough to make himself available on short notice. I am pleased I chose to work with Vinay and GMAT Genius and would strongly recommend him/his company to anyone preparing for the GMAT.”

-- Baker Elias, GMAT score: 670, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

“I worked with Vinay to help improve my quant score. I had a fantastic experience with him as he helped me get from a Q45 to a Q48 in just a few short weeks. He's incredibly knowledgeable, beyond generous with his time and a genuinely nice guy. I'll also add that, when choosing a tutor, students should hop on the phone to get an idea of how much experience prospective tutors have had with the GMAT. Some tutors will claim to have extensively taught the GMAT but when you actually speak to them you realize they don't know much about the entire GMAT test prep universe and instead teach a number of standardized tests. That's not what you want; you want to someone like Vinay who focuses exclusively on the GMAT. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of everything GMAT-related. If your prospective tutor doesn't know what MGMAT Advanced Quant, Jeff Sackmann's Challenge Sets, PowerScore etc. are then you should be wary. After a 30 minute initial consultation with Vinay, it became readily apparent to me that he knew what he was talking about and could help me achieve my GMAT goals. Thanks, Vinay, for all your help.”

-- Neil Wali, GMAT score: 720, University of Pennsylvania - Wharton

“After an attempt to study with an online GMAT program for a few months, I took the GMAT. I did quite poorly and lost all hope in my abilities. I quickly searched for GMAT experts, and GMAT Genius popped up. I reached out to Vinay and he was able to work with me right away. Vinay was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses, and using his expertise we were able to build a tailored study program for my needs.

After a short amount of time he helped improve my score drastically. His knowledge of the test is second to none and I would not have been able to get the score I got without his help. The GMAT is as frustrating a test out there, but Vinay is able to simplify its complexities and show you the right way to attack it. I would not have been able to get into my MBA program without his instruction.”

-- Ben Kwock, ESSEC Business School

“I recommend Vinay as a GMAT tutor as he was instrumental to my success. I had not studied math in years and was struggling on two fronts: content and problem solving. Vinay quickly whipped me into shape, and within ten hours my math score was twenty to thirty percentile points higher. Beyond the mere academic portion of the test, Vinay did a phenomenal job of gaming the test. He was able to distill how to approach the test into simple rules and easy perspectives. Without this level of expertise and insight, taking the test would be much more difficult. I was able to shave many hours off of my potential study time in virtue of his strategic advice. Beyond the test, he has served as a great resource as I begin to think about graduate school. From a big picture perspective, Vinay took a nebulous, intimidating test and made it into something of a commodity, it was merely about learning the inputs at that point. If you are in a situation where you are struggling to up your math score, you should immediately contact Vinay.”

-- Jamie Stewart, GMAT score: 740, Dartmouth - The Tuck School of Business

“I could not have been more grateful to have randomly stumbled upon GMAT Genius. After more than two months of self-study, I still performed poorly on my first GMAT test. I spent hours looking through various test prep companies and eventually decided to message GMAT Genius because I felt like I needed a lot more personalized attention. Vinay promptly replied and scheduled a consultation with me, which led me to book 10 hours with him for online tutoring. This was by far the best decision I could have made for my MBA application. Vinay was extremely patient with me in every lesson and ensured that I had all of the materials needed to continue preparing on my own each week. The online platform he used was straightforward and allowed both of us to write/highlight/save each slide as needed.

I particularly appreciated the structure of every class. Each concept Vinay taught would be separated into categories so that I could better recognize the types of Quant questions that would be asked and more quickly decide how to solve them. The reading chapters he suggested also built upon everything we were learning so that I never felt like I just memorizing materials. As a curriculum developer, this pedagogy was exactly what I had hoped for. In the end, I improved by 140 points! My only wish is that I could have worked with Vinay and GMAT Genius sooner.”

-- Myra Nguyen, Duke - Fuqua School of Business

“After taking GMAT courses and spending hours of self study, I made the decision to use GMAT Genius and I am so happy that I did. Vinay and Shannon really helped me organize my study structure and understand the methods needed to make a great GMAT score. With the help of GMAT Genius, I was able to raise my score by 140 points! Vinay not only helped me make a great GMAT score but he was also a great source of motivation. The MBA process is a long arduous process but with the help of GMAT genius your top schools can become a reality.”

-- Ansley Hood, GMAT score: 680, Georgetown - McDonough School of Business

“I came to Vinay for help with critical reasoning and the essay writing parts. I was unable to get higher than a 70th percentile in the verbal section and a 4.5 on the essay writing. With Vinay’s one-on-one coaching and despite that I missed 10 minutes of the exam, I was able to obtain a 90th percentile on the verbal section and a perfect score of 6.0 on the essay writing. As a result, I got admissions to Cornell, Haas, and Columbia. Vinay is an extremely friendly, approachable, thorough teacher and he is truly an expert on the GMAT material.”

-- Sudhir N., GMAT score: 710, Columbia Business School

“Vinay was instrumental in improving my quant performance. He is clear, patient and knowledgeable, with a skill in explaining the same thing multiple ways. If I paid Vinay based on his impact he would’ve been paid a lot more.”

-- Dayne K., UCLA Anderson School of Management

“I'm so thankful that I was able to connect with Vinay. His teaching style is very effective and he has a keen ability to explain complex concepts in multiple ways. I would not have been able to achieve a 730 on the GMAT without his help, and I HIGHLY recommend his services to those aiming to improve their GMAT score.”

-- Gaurav O., GMAT score: 730

“Vinay had his hands full with me! I have never been much of test taker and my math skills were short of amazing. He was incredibly patient and made concepts that I never understood easy to comprehend and apply. He was able to increase my score by about 100 points and I was very happy with that. I would recommend Vinay to any of my friends.”

-- Michelle C. Terpstra

“After a pretty disappointing experience with a tutor who did not specialize in the GMAT, I decided to work with GMAT Genius. I worked directly with Vinay, who was incredible. He taught me very specific methods for tackling each problem type, specifically for quant questions. We worked together on a weekly basis and tracked my progress through both official and unofficial practice tests. I am not a natural test taker and put hundreds of hours into studying for the GMAT, both before and during my work with Vinay, but it wasn't until I started working with Vinay that I began to see major improvements in my scores. In the end, GMAT Genius helped me raise my score by 100 points!”

-- Liz Townsend, GMAT score: 690, University of Washington - Foster School of Business

“Nate and Vinay were a huge help in my GMAT preparation. Both Nate and Vinay really helped me focus on the key areas that needed improvement to increase my score 80 points in the 7 weeks of study afforded to me before my exam. Both were knowledgeable, patient, and helped me through understanding key concepts for the exam. Through their help I was able to achieve my score goals and was subsequently accepted into my school of choice.”

-- James Sully, Oxford Saïd Business School

“I was very uneasy about the GMAT, especially since I have been out of school for so long. Vinay completely put me at ease with his curriculum! Not only did he help me refresh the materials that I haven’t touched since high school, but he also provided tips and tricks that pushed me to a higher score. I easily improved 100 points from my initial practice test! I highly recommend Vinay to anyone!”

-- Jimmy C., USC Marshall School of Business

“I worked with Vinay for a couple months and was able to improve my score 60 points. I had a tight timeline and Vinay was able to provide detailed feedback on how to focus my energy to improve my score. Vinay has amazing quant tricks that will surely help anyone who is struggling in that area. Vinay was also able to make sentence correction and critical reasoning more analytical and intuitive, which was very helpful to the way I approach problems. I improved sentence correction merely by changing my testing strategy, something I didn't consider in my own studying. Vinay gave a detailed analysis after each practice exam and was able to quickly identify the mistakes I was making. He also has a ton of resources and practice problems for extra help in addition to the recommended official guide question book. The guided approach was what I needed to focus my efforts and energy to achieve the maximum results.”

-- Sushmitha Ravikumar, GMAT score: 690, MIT Sloan School of Management

“Standardized tests have often been a challenge for me. Thanks to Vinay and GMAT Genius I was able to improve study habits, pacing, and my GMAT score by well over 100 points. The GMAT Genius way teaches students to work smarter not harder by enabling them to conquer the most challenging aspects of the test. Vinay provided a customized learning experience that focused on my weaknesses while accelerating my strengths. Would recommend GMAT Genius as an essential part of your test preparation no matter what stage you are at in your journey.”

-- Christian H.

“I was referred to GMAT Genius by a friend after months of struggling with GMAT prep on my own. Vinay was absolutely incredible from the beginning. We first met to identify where I was stuck with my own prep and then mapped out a plan for us to get the score I needed. By working with Vinay, my score improved 60 points. I subsequently joined the full-time MBA program at Duke Fuqua, an opportunity that would not have been possible without GMAT Genius. I strongly recommend working with GMAT Genius for your GMAT prep.”

-- Remington Williams, Duke - Fuqua School of Business

“I shopped around for a GMAT tutor because I had limited time and wasn't scoring anywhere close to where I wanted. I had been using the Kaplan book and the GMAT Prep tools but hit a ceiling. We met at the library and I found Vinay to be incredibly professional. He helped me enhance my Verbal score by leaps and bounds. I've never been able to test well in English but he helped me walk thru every question and problem I had. I feel so much more confident about my reading and writing abilities. If you want a stellar, highly experienced, and helpful teachers of the GMAT; look no further!”

-- Kevin Dieny

“I spent more than $1k on a set of GMAT study materials, and spent a couple months studying before finding Vinay online. Half a dozen sessions with him FAR outweighed the time I spent with the books, as his approach to problem solving helped me dramatically improve my score. He teaches you the framework on how to solve different types of problems, improving speed and accuracy versus trying to learn on your own. My only regret is that I did not engage him sooner!”

-- Ace Patel, USC Marshall School of Business

“I worked with Vinay for about 3-4 weeks before taking the GMAT. I used his expertise to put the finishing touches on my GMAT preparation. And he absolutely delivered! He was able to answer every single one of my questions thoroughly and clearly. He was a big reason for my 750 GMAT score!

The best thing about Vinay is he can answer both the specific questions and the general questions. When I needed help with adverbial modifiers, he came ready for our session and was able to get me sufficiently prepared in under 2 hours! And when I needed help understanding/visualizing the test environment, he told me everything I needed to know in order to walk in there calm and confident.

I would recommend Vinay and his team to anyone. Thank you GMAT Genius for all of your help!”

-- Joseph Arreguin, GMAT score: 750, Duke - Fuqua School of Business

“If you're looking for solid advice about improving your GMAT, definitely reach out to Vinay.

Without any commitment, he gave me fantastic advice and honest feedback about my current profile. He was never pushy and worked with my budget and schedule to find something that was comfortable for me.

You can tell that he is genuinely passionate about helping people through the GMAT + MBA application process, and he is a wealth of knowledge.”

-- Stephanie Shih, GMAT score: 690, Kellogg School of Management

“I came to Vinay after diligently going through Kaplan’s course and realizing I had plateaued way beneath where I wanted to be on quant. I came across GMAT Genius online, and Vinay offered me a free consultation, which was super helpful and definitely persuaded me I could use his services. After we started working together, I pretty instantly felt that I could get beyond my plateau because I realized how much quant content I either hadn’t seen or hadn’t internalized during the Kaplan course. It also became clear to me that I needed to be—and could be—way more efficient in my approach. Long story short: after some hard work with Vinay, my best quant score on an official test was 9 points above where I had been after Kaplan (up to 45 from 36).

Vinay is truly a GMAT genius and an excellent tutor/instructor. He knows the whole test, including every question type, incredibly well. During our sessions, I would pepper Vinay with so many random questions from my study and practice tests, and he was always able to show me a simple, practical, and fast way to solve. He has so many tricks and methods to make every question type manageable. I worked with Vinay on pretty much the whole gamut of quant question types, which I wish I’d just done from the beginning. However, I would strongly recommend Vinay to anybody that wants to improve, whether on every question type or just a few that give you a hard time.

Vinay was also incredibly accessible and generous. He wrote me helpful analysis emails outside of our sessions about my practice test results, and he probably spent about 2 hours total hours outside of our formal tutoring sessions just giving me strategy advice in terms of timing, mentality, etc. Overall, working with Vinay was a fantastic experience, and I’d wholeheartedly recommend him to anybody who wants to improve on the GMAT.”

-- Carl B., GMAT score: 710

“I decided to prepare for the GMAT and was referred to Vinay by one of my friends. Vinay did a great job preparing me for the GMAT. He was very informative, organized, and helpful. His resources went far beyond the scope of what the typical Manhattan Books had to offer. In addition to providing his own resources, he integrated the Manhattan Books very well into his course material.

I also feel like Vinay’s techniques to take the test are very helpful as well. I think that he does a great job to provide a good understanding of how to “beat” the GMAT. Oftentimes, the Manhattan Books give unnecessarily lengthy explanations into how to solve a problem. Vinay does a great job to simplify these techniques and provide a way to solve them without spending too much time on one question.

Overall, I was pleased with my experience with Vinay. I would definitely recommend him to anybody looking to improve their score for the GMAT.”

-- Grady Howe, GMAT score: 680

Excellent experience with Vinay! Would recommend to anyone trying to improve their GMAT/GRE scores. He took the time to explain things clearly and definitely gave bang for the buck.”

-- Andy Y., GMAT score: 740

“I hit a score plateau in the high 600s when I started looking for GMAT help. I started researching and found GMAT Genius and many other companies. I spoke with over 10 companies (Kaplan, Manhattan, etc.) and felt the most comfortable by far with Vinay and Nate. They were more interested in the specific difficulties I was having. I felt like instead of a tutor fitting me into a program, they were concerned with fitting a program around me. Working in person in Nate was an amazing experience. He presented me with problem genres that attacked specific areas where I could improve my score the most. Also, he was readily available on-call for questions for homework or practice problems in between sessions. At the end of the day, Nate truly becomes invested in his students and cares about their success. I would recommend Nate wholeheartedly.”

-- Christian Ford, GMAT score: 730, University of Chicago - Booth School of Business

Vinay is an outstanding GMAT tutor. Most test preparation services give you generic test taking advice. Vinay not only makes sure you understand the problems, but he also gives you effective tools for solving those problems. It is not surprising that my score improved 50 points to a 710.”

-- Matthew D., GMAT score: 710

“Vinay was a great help in my GMAT quant studies - he customized my tutoring experience to the areas that I needed most help on and was consistently checking in to see how he could support. With his help, I was able to improve my quant score from a 48 to a 50!”

-- Amanda T., GMAT score: 740, Stanford Graduate School of Business

“GMAT Genius helped me understand the GMAT concepts I previously missed and gave me customized practice recommendations that helped tremendously. Vinay, GMAT Genius founder, is incredibly generous with his time and was a great source of advice and guidance during the MBA application process and after, when I decided on a program after receiving 5 offers of admission.”

-- Tina Shah, Oxford Saïd Business School

“After months of self-study and sub-par performances on my practice tests, I felt like I hit a wall. I decided to invest in a GMAT tutor and that’s when Vinay came into the picture. He made all the difference. His insight into the exam is invaluable. Not only did he teach me the most efficient way to solve each type of problem, but he also changed the way I viewed the exam so that I could approach it strategically. Vinay is an incredible instructor who can improve your score in every section of the exam. He’ll break down all of your practice tests, tailor each session to your needs, and work with your busy schedule. I highly recommend Vinay to anyone preparing for the GMAT.”

-- Bryan L., GMAT score: 680, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Vinay has an excellent understanding of the GMAT. He knows what questions the GMAT typically covers and what will not be tested. I mainly focused on improving my sentence correction. Vinay has a large bank of resources beyond the official GMAT preparation guides, and he always prepared additional material for every lesson, ensuring no time was wasted. He also took the time to provide detailed feedback on practice tests between sessions. With Vinay’s help, I scored well on my first official test and would highly recommend working with him.”

-- Scott M., GMAT score: 770

Vinay is a great GMAT instructor and a great person to work with. He understood that my background is not very quantitative and helped me to improve in that area for the test. He was extremely patient with me and helped me understand new concepts that otherwise I would not be able to have clear before the test. I improved my score in 60 points thanks to his lessons and to putting in practice all of his recommendations for my self-study time. He is the best GMAT prep option in the Los Angeles and Orange County Area.”

-- Ana Rahlves

I have taken courses with other test prep companies and found Vinay to be the most effective instructor. I took his class in order to raise my GMAT score and was successful in doing that after completing his course! Vinay is very patient and adept in explaining some of the more difficult concepts and problems in the GMAT test. He was also able to analyze my performance on practice tests, point out areas of weakness, and suggest how I could improve. I highly recommend him as a GMAT prep teacher.”

-- Renee Eng, UCLA Anderson School of Management

“As a tutor, Vinay is knowledgeable, attentive and patient. What sets him apart is that his experience gives him so many insights that NO books on the market will cover.

I came to Vinay mainly to address my quant performance with an initial quant score of 28, after a few lessons with Vinay I scored consistently between 47-50 on my quant (51 on a good day). I would recommend my fellow test takers to space out your classes with Vinay to fill in plenty of exercise to familiarize yourself with the topic Vinay covers in class.

I highly recommend GMAT Genius if you're preparing for the exam!”

-- Scott Kaiser, GMAT score: 710, Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management

Vinay is an amazing tutor, and I highly recommend him! I started out my GMAT journey by self-studying and did not see much improvement in my score. I then took a group class and again saw little improvement. Then, I met Vinay!! With his help, my score improved significantly, and I got into my target school. He helped me increase my speed, taught me multiple approaches to problem solving, and improved my areas of weakness. Additionally, he went above and beyond with his time and care. He provided detailed analysis of each practice test and shared some insights regarding the application process as well! Many thanks to a great tutor!”

-- Bri R., GMAT score: 660, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Vinay was an outstanding GMAT instructor. He explained concepts clearly and brought a lot of insight and knowledge about the exam. He was both very patient in answering questions and very methodical in his explanations. Not only did he explain the reasons for the correct answer choices, but he also explained the reasons for the incorrect answer choices. This helped me prepare for the GMAT exam.”

-- Kevin Z., USC Marshall School of Business

“The first time I took my GMAT, I spent about a month & a half self studying with Kaplan & Princeton Review material thinking that would be sufficient to meet the minimum target score in mind. I was wrong of course & ended up scoring a lot lower than what I had hoped for, mainly due to a poor score on the quantitative section. I was quite discouraged until my director at work recommended Vinay to me. Her son was also studying for the GMAT and similar to me, was scoring great on verbal, but not quite as well on quantitative, which is when he sought out help & came across Vinay. Needless to say, I am extremely grateful for her recommendation. Vinay is patient, extremely thorough and the techniques & strategies he teaches are invaluable. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to score well on the GMAT.”

-- Sandra Guindi, GMAT score: 680, USC Marshall School of Business

“Vinay is truly what the company is called, a GMAT Genius. I wish that I had met him before I originally attempted my GMAT the first time. He was able to break down complex problems and show me that any GMAT problem is able to be tackled with the right methods. Anybody can study for a test and any tutor can teach you something, but for the GMAT you need a GMAT Genius. I can't thank Vinay enough. He's truly an asset to assist you in studying, applications, and networking. He went above and beyond my expectations and he genuinely cares about our success as future MBA students. If you are thinking about starting your GMAT journey, make sure to take Vinay along for the ride.”

-- Axl Dang

“I had previously used a different GMAT prep course and it had so many gaps in it that were filled by my lessons with GMAT Genius. I got comprehensive and intensive lessons based on my own personal needs that greatly improved my score. These lessons also did wonders for boosting my confidence. I felt very insecure about my knowledge and after tutoring my confidence had increased tenfold!”

-- Alexandra Svenson, GMAT score: 710

“I worked with GMAT Genius through the 2018 MBA application cycle targeting a 700+ score. They were extremely professional and knowledgeable about question types and were able to tailor the content/methodology to my weaknesses and timeline, resulting in a great score in a relatively short period of time. Additionally, I really appreciated their flexibility in working around my hectic work schedule despite a 3 hour time zone difference with my tutor Vinay. I was initially hesitant to work over their online system, worrying that it'd be clunky or not built-to-purpose but my fear was quickly laid to rest - it's a very easy-to-use teaching setup (not Skype!) with whiteboards / video / slides / etc. that really brings to life a classroom experience. I've strongly recommended GMAT Genius to personal friends and recommend them to anyone seeking to take the GMAT.”

-- Lu J., GMAT score: 720, University of Pennsylvania - Wharton

“I began working with Vinay one-on-one after my first GMAT score wasn’t what I had hoped for. We worked together for about six weeks and he helped improve my score dramatically. He was great to work with, explained everything in a very straightforward way that was easy to understand, and made sure I understood the particular topic before moving on. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve his or her GMAT score.”

-- Scott Roegner

“Vinay is a great private tutor!! He was instrumental in showing me techniques to use to tackle the hardest of GMAT quant problems, and really knew how to save time with shortcuts. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who is struggling with the quant section and is looking for a score of 47+.

Additionally, he was generous about the time spent - I often spent the first few minutes talking about random questions related to the business school application process, and this was never counted towards the time spent 'tutoring'. I think he truly cares about others' success and that is paramount in such a stressful time!”

-- Dean N., GMAT score: 730, Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management

My experience with GMAT Genius has been awesome. Vinay gave me a lot of his time answering questions I had about the GMAT process and even was able to give me advice on finding my career path. When I contacted GMAT Genius I received much more than I expected. For me, the GMAT processes seemed daunting, Vinay was very helpful guiding me and even sharing, books and other resources that I could refer to saving me time and money if I was to try and figure it out on my own.

Thank you Vinay! If you're still thinking about it, give GMAT Genius a call already.”

-- Kevin Liang

“Vinay was such a valuable resource for me as I navigated the GMAT. He helped me get organized and kept me focused throughout my entire study period.

  1. He helped me choose the right study tools and how to tackle daunting self-study projects.
  2. He taught me how to think through important topics.
  3. He reviewed my exams and helped me understand my progress and talked me through setbacks.
  4. He spent many hours with me going through the topics that I struggled on including: RT=D, Geometry, Combinatorics, and Sentence Correction, among others.

I ended up getting a 740, and I have Vinay to thank for guiding me through the process. I would use him again in a heartbeat, and I have been telling everyone I know that they should at least give him a call to see if he would be a good fit as a tutor.”

-- David Lempert, GMAT score: 740, University of Pennsylvania - Wharton

Vinay is an awesome tutor! He is very knowledgeable with the construction and material regarding the GMAT. He also does a great job catering to what is the most beneficial to the student.”

-- Josh X.

“I had the opportunity to have Vinay instruct me during my preparation for the GMAT exam. In just a few short weeks he helped me improve my score markedly. His knowledge of the testing process and “tricks” that help to increase your speed are invaluable. I had tried a few ways to prepare for the test, but my time with Vinay was by far the most valuable.”

-- Mike Neilson

“I really enjoyed Vinay’s teaching style. I was working full time (plus) at the time, but by following Vinay’s instruction and completing the material, I was able to score a 720! I’d definitely recommend Vinay’s GMAT prep services.”

-- Doug Klof, GMAT score: 720

“A great resource and a great value! GMAT Genius was by far the best resource I utilized in GMAT test prep, and I benefitted tremendously from the strategy and techniques taught. I highly recommend using GMAT genius for anyone looking to get their score to the next level.”

-- Danny Quinn, GMAT score: 690

“Working with Vinay was great. He was very knowledgeable and always made himself available to answer any questions. As a result, I was able to improve my score on the GMAT by 80 points and went on to receive my MBA from Wharton.”

-- Puneet Sahi, University of Pennsylvania - Wharton

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