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Tutoring Pricing and Availability

Below you will find more detailed information about our pricing, recommended study materials, availability, meeting locations, and tutoring session frequency and timings. If you have unanswered questions, we offer a free GMAT strategy session.


The table below summarizes our tutoring prices. Additional hours can be added at any time, at the specified cost per extra hour. The hours in each package represents actual tutoring time. The time that we spend behind the scenes on administration, coordination, and preparation does not count towards your paid tutoring time. Not sure how much tutoring you need? See our recommendations in this FAQ.

As shown on our tutoring comparison chart, GMAT Genius offers competitive pricing and greater flexibility than the big test preparation companies. Please contact us to sign-up for tutoring. We accept payment via Cash App, credit card, personal check, PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle.. We will coordinate with you to securely process your payment after you sign-up for tutoring.

Private Tutoring Hourly 10 Hour
20 Hour
30 Hour
40 Hour
Cost $249 per hour 10 hrs @ $239
= $2,390
20 hrs @ $229
= $4,580
30 hrs @ $219
= $6,570
40 hrs @ $209
= $8,360
Per Extra Hour $249 $239 $229 $219 $209

GMAT Study Materials

We highly recommend practicing with retired real GMAT questions, as presented in the Official Guides for GMAT Review. We also strongly recommend taking Official GMAT practice tests at appropriate intervals using the free GMAT Official Starter Kit, which contains two full-length practice exams. In addition to these, many clients purchase the four additional paid GMAT Official Practice Exams. We supplement these resources with GMAT Genius content and practice questions. Finally, we suggest additional third party content as needed for content learning and concept review.


GMAT Genius offers the highest-quality online GMAT tutoring to GMAT aspirants throughout the United States and the world. We offer in-person GMAT tutoring in select U.S. metropolitan areas, including directly with our Chief Genius in Orange County, CA (Irvine / Newport Beach).

Tutoring is subject to tutor availability. We book tutoring appointments on a first-come, first-served basis.

Meeting Locations

GMAT Genius online tutoring uses a robust online tutoring platform.

For in-person tutoring, you and your tutor will decide upon a mutually-convenient meeting location. Some types of facilities that are conducive for tutoring include a library, a conference room at your office, an apartment complex common area, or a local college. It can be helpful to meet at a location that offers free Wi-Fi (e.g. a public library). For liability reasons, we do not meet for tutoring at a private residence. We do not pay for parking, so you may wish to select a facility with your tutor that offers free or inexpensive parking.

Session Frequency and Timings

You and your tutor will decide upon mutually-convenient meeting times. We can arrange for tutoring during the work-week, during weekday evenings, and selectively on the weekends. Some students choose to set up the entire meeting schedule upfront, often on a fixed weekly schedule (e.g. every Tuesday evening). Other students want to set up only the first meeting and subsequently set up later meetings. In the latter case, please remember that your tutor schedules tutoring appointments on a first-come, first-served basis.

Although we certainly will consider your preferences, we recommend that each tutoring session be two hours in length.
  • You may not accomplish enough in a session less than two hours in length. We do require a minimum session length of one hour, because shorter sessions are not sufficiently productive.
  • Many students have difficulty maintaining focus and productivity once a session exceeds three hours, and therefore such lengthy sessions are usually discouraged.
Although we certainly will consider your preferences, we recommend that you meet with your tutor once or twice per week.
  • Meeting more often than twice a week doesn’t give most students enough time to do sufficient practice on their own between sessions. It is critical to the learning process that you study and practice problems on your own to reinforce the concepts discussed during the tutoring.
  • Meeting less than once per week isn’t suggested unless you are supplementing the tutoring with a class or extensive self-studying. You need to consistently practice and learn new concepts, or you may start forgetting concepts and may not sufficiently move forward in your skills.