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Online GMAT Tutoring

Online GMAT tutoring helps you achieve GMAT success
Technological advances have made online tutoring a great alternative to in-person GMAT tutoring. Critical to the success of online tutoring is the technology used. GMAT Genius uses a robust online tutoring platform that includes features essential for productive online tutoring.

Interactive whiteboard – allows you and your tutor to work through questions together online, using text and other annotation tools. This is a critical component of tutoring, because when your tutor actively observes your thought process, he or she can identify errors in your approach and offer immediate corrective suggestions.

Presentation capabilities – your tutor can prepare and upload a lesson plan for your tutoring session, including concepts for discussion and practice questions. Without presentation capabilities, your tutor would need to write out GMAT content and questions on the whiteboard as you proceed with the tutoring, a very time-consuming process that would waste tutoring time.

Application sharing – as part of your study plan, you will need to take computer-based diagnostic tests. Application sharing lets you and your tutor review your online practice together from your respective computers.

Pros and Cons

Online and in-person tutoring are both great options, but with slightly different advantages. Let’s discuss the respective pros and cons of online tutoring.

  • One clear benefit of online tutoring is that there is no need to commute to a physical location in order to meet your tutor. You meet your tutor online from the convenience of your home or office, which presumably provides a comfortable and distraction-free environment.
  • Another huge benefit is that our online tutoring platform has session recording capabilities, giving you the option to review tutoring sessions anytime. This provides an opportunity to leisurely and repeatedly review concepts or questions that you haven’t fully grasped after a live tutoring session concludes.
  • Online tutoring also lets you to work with GMAT Genius even if you are not physically located in a city where we have a tutor. You are not restricted to whatever tutor happens to be geographically nearby. You can instead work directly with one of our highly skilled and experienced GMAT tutors. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the competitive prices and greater flexibility that GMAT Genius offers, as shown on our tutoring comparison page.
  • Online tutoring requires slightly more advance preparation and coordination than in-person tutoring, but most of this burden falls on the tutor. As a student, you must compile in advance any topics and questions that you want to review with your tutor, such as Official Guide or practice test questions. Advance preparation would be beneficial for in-person tutoring as well, but is less critical with that method.
  • Although the online tutoring platform works very well, it is not a perfect substitute for meeting in-person. In-person tutoring allows for slightly enhanced interaction with your tutor. By meeting face-to-face, your tutor can better observe how you approach math problems in order to identify mistakes and offer guidance. You and your tutor can also more easily review the “homework” and diagnostic tests that you complete between tutoring sessions. Finally, you and your tutor can more spontaneously delve deeper into whatever topic arises.


In advance of your tutoring sessions, we will e-mail you a link to access the tutoring platform where you will meet your tutor online. High-speed Internet access is highly recommended. Although it is not nearly as effective as using a desktop or laptop computer, you can access the online platform with a mobile device. Your tutor will use a high-definition webcam for quality video; a webcam is preferred but optional for you.

Your tutor will use a microphone to record audio into your session recordings, but it is not required for you to use a computer microphone. At your option, you and your tutor can use the platform’s built-in IP-audio or you can supplement the online platform with a phone call for audio.

We find that students become comfortable with the online platform very quickly into their first tutoring session. If you have any doubts about using an online learning environment, try it out knowing that you can request a full refund of unused tutoring hours if you are not fully satisfied.