GMAT Score Cancellation and Reinstatement Periods

GMAT Score Cancellation and ReinstatementThe Graduate Management Admission Council recently announced longer GMAT score cancellation and score reinstatement time periods. These changes are beneficial to GMAT test takers, and expand upon the enhanced score cancellation features that the GMAC introduced in July 2015.

GMAT Score Cancellation Options

You can continue to cancel your scores immediately upon completion of the GMAT. After you see your scores, you have two minutes in which to either cancel or report your test scores. This option remains free, and removes any indication of a test attempt from your score reports.

A new option allows you to cancel your GMAT scores within 72 hours of your test administration, for a $25 fee. You take advantage of this option online, by logging in to your account. As with the immediate cancellation option, your score reports will have no record of the GMAT administration.

Enhanced Score Reinstatement Period

You previously had 60 days to reinstate cancelled scores, for a $100 fee. You can now reinstate cancelled scores up to 4 years 11 months after your exam date. Furthermore, the GMAC has lowered the score reinstatement fee to $50 and will now automatically send score reports to the schools that you selected during your exam. You also take advantage of this option online at your account.

GMAT Genius’ Interpretation

As the GMAT faces greater competition from the GRE, the GMAC has been striving to introduce greater flexibility and control to GMAT takers. Rather than deciding immediately, you can now more carefully consider over the subsequent three days whether to cancel your GMAT scores. You can also seek the advice of others, such as your GMAT tutor, before deciding whether to cancel. The longer timeframe should reduce the pressure you face over this decision after completing a grueling exam.

The enhanced score reinstatement period also provides greater flexibility, now at a much more reasonable cost. You can cancel your GMAT scores knowing that you are able to reinstate the scores at any time during their 5-year validity. As a result, we expect that many more MBA aspirants will cancel their scores when they don’t meet their score objectives, and then ultimately reinstate their highest scores after further GMAT attempts. You can read more about the changes on